Monday, April 13, 2015

Medicine Ball Workout

Happy Monday lovelies! We all know it. There's no hiding. Bikini season is right around the corner! While some may dread this time of year, I always see it as a challenge to get more cut than the previous year. 

Recently my home gym finally got weighted medicine balls! I've missed these so much! Back in Utah weighted balls were part of my daily workout regimen. Here is two of my favorite medicine ball workouts. 

I traditionally use a ball that is between 8-3 pounds. 
 Here is a classic take on a sit up. By adding the extra weight you increase the work in the abs. Added bonus you get the burn of the arms!
Top: Lululemon / Pants: Lululemon / Shoes: Brooks
By far one of my favorite exercises! As you tap the ball to the knee, and bring the ball over head, hold the extension for 5 seconds. Try to take your time between the movements so that you can maintain your balance, and not throw out your back. I love this so much because you work the arms, upper back, core, and booty. 


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