Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Burn Out Upper Body for Wrist Injuries

Top: Alo Yoga / Bra: Flexi Lexi c/o / Leggings: Beyond Yoga (light grey on SALE here!) / Shoes: Brooks Running
It's been a while since I've shared a new circuit workout, and I am happy today to share this one for wrist injuries. Back when I first moved to Arizona I worked at Nordstrom for a year, and from working retail I would tweak my wrist from time to time. Whenever the annual Anniversary sale would come I would pile massive amounts of clothes on my wrists which in retail 101 is a big no-no, but is definitely the most convenient way to get the job done. With clothes after clothes piled on my poor hands I would have to tape my wrists some days, and start easing off workouts that would put my whole body weight on my wrists.  Here's an awesome bicep and tricep circuit that will be less pressure on the wrists.

What we are working: Primarily bicep and tricep.
Secondarily the chest, and abs (core and side waist).

What you need: Bench. 

In the the first set of this circuit as you do an upper body push up pull R knee outside of R elbow (works the side waist, chest, biceps). As you press away to come back to original position pull R knee into chest (works core, chest, biceps). Repeat this 6x, and repeat with L leg.

In the second part do tricep dips on a bench. MAKE SURE your fingers are facing forward so you don't tweak wrist. Do 15x of these. 

Now the third part of this is hard to see, but bend the elbow as you are in a side arm plank (works arm and side waist). Bend and press the arm 15x, and repeat for the other side.

Do this whole circuit 4x continuously within 5 minutes. 


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