Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Topshop Livi Top // Mama's Got a New Car

Photography: Jamee Edwards
Top: Topshop here and here / Jeans: Rag and Bone / Shoes: Seychelles / Necklace: Baublebar / Bracelets: Baublebar / Ring: Gorjana c/o / Bag: Target / Lips: Colourpop-Fiesta

I can't even begin to describe what a long week last week was. You remember how I got hit by a jeep a month ago? Well.....we found out in the beginning of the week that the insurance company was going to total my car, and that I only had my rental for another week. Poor little Mazda. RIP. Please don't take the rental...it's so new with a usb port! 

With me needing to be constantly mobile for work, and preparing to drive to Utah next week (Todd's car wouldn't make it) Todd started the search for another steed. Now the stressful part of this equation is that we were only going to spend the money that the insurance company was giving us, which means finding something reliable on a low budget. All week consisted of driving 45 minutes to Mesa (some how all the cars were in Mesa) to look at a car, and then drive 45 minutes back home. Try doing that multiple times in a week, and it will get you sick of looking at cars fast. Todd wanted to get the search done ASAP so he could put his primary focus back into studying for his oral surgery exam. 

After looking at car after car we finally found another Mazda 3 on Saturday. It's 7 pm at night, and Todd tells me we need to go drive to Mesa again to look at a car. "NOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOORE DRIVING" I screamed in my head. When talking to the dealer on the phone he was quite rude, and demanded that we get there in 40 minutes. 40 minutes?! I looked down at my rumbling stomach, and knew a hangry Jessica was going to emerge during this trip if I didn't get any food in this belly. 

When we finally hit Mesa we were in an area I've never been before. I guess they call this the "bad" parts of Mesa. The guy selling us the car said he would meet us at his dealership, and when we pulled up this "dealership" it was a house. I stayed in the rental locked up (did I mention hangry?) while Todd negotiated his price with the dealer in his latin tongue. Since I am hispanic you would think I would be the one to know Spanish vs my white boy husband who can roll his r's with the best of them. 

Ok so you heard how I blah blah blah about a car let's get into the outfit. A while ago I posted a inspiration collage of this outfit (post here), and was so inspired that I needed to buy the top. Such a beautiful color, and it's perfect for summer!

Petite Review for Topshop Livi Top: I bought this top at Nordstrom in a size 2 normal because it's suppose to fit like a 0. It's a little big in the shoulders so I traded it for a petite 0, and it fit so much better!

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