Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Cardio Barre Playlist

I know this might be a little too soon to post another workout playlist, but I have been just so inspired by music lately. One of the things that I love about Pure Barre is the music in class. There is nothing like the beat of the music that lifts and inspires you to push right through the burn. Here's my current playlist that can be used for a killer cardio barre class. 

  1. Heathens (Extended Workout Mix) - Power Music Workout
  2. HandClap (Workout Mix 44 BPM) - 55 Smash Hits!
  3. Cheap Thrills (Extended Workout Remix) - Power Music Workout
  4. Growing Up (Extended Workout Remix) - Power Music Workout
  5. Wild Things (Extended Workout Remix) - Power Music Workout
  6. Real Love (Kritical Mass Remix Edit) - Bank Rollerz
  7. Bailar (feat Pitfull & Elvis Crespo) - Deorro
  8. We Found Love (HumanJive Remix Radio Edit) - Paulette
  9. Shake it Off (Workout Remix) - Fringe
  10. Pump Up Da Bass ( Technoposse Remix Edit) - Kandy Kush
  11. Who Says (CPR Remix Radio) - Fringe
  12. Warrior - Bass DJs
Click here to be taken to the spotify station


  1. I love this playlist! Thank you for linking it on Spotify, I'm def going to save it!
    Glass of Glam

    1. Isn't it super motivating?! There's nothing I love more than music that makes you feel like you can push yourself in a workout

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