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Rompers & Jumpsuits Under $100


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Workout Wednesday: 100 Things I've Learned from Taking 100 Classes

Last week marked my 100th ride at SoulCycle, and I made it a goal to hit that after three months of riding. I'm honestly so proud of myself for completing such a goal, and feel more like an athlete than I ever have! In honor of hitting my goal here's 100 things I've learned from a 100 classes at SoulCycle.

  1. I initially hated spin classes, and then SoulCycle came into my life!
  2. I never thought I would say this, but I LOVE going to spin EVERY-SINGLE-DAY!
  3. I'm surprised how much SoulCycle is a full body effort. 
  4. My crotch was sore from riding for the first two weeks, and then it never came back.
  5. During my first class I had no clue what the freak this "tap back" was. 
  6. Riding to the rhythm of the music took me a solid 20 classes until I really got the hang of it.
  7. Whenever we switch to riding on the left leg it always throws me off.
  8. Riding to the rhythm of the music during runs took me a solid 40 classes. 
  9. Learning to unclip from the pedals took me 8 classes #embarrassing.
  10. Learning to set up my bike without help took me 6 classes. 
  11. My bike height is at the number 3, and my handles bars go as low as the bike allows.
  12. Riding with a tribe makes classes that more fun!
  13. My friends and I have a SoulCycle group text where we share our weekly schedules on when we are taking, and how we can figure out how to ride together.
  14. The ride tribe started off as 3 people, and ever since January we got so many more people into riding. 
  15. If the tribe and I ride at night we will usually go out for Mexican after. 
  16. I've become a better Pure Barre teacher since riding with SoulCycle because I am able to bring a different energy into my classes along with some inspirational cues. 
  17. Favorite move - double tap middle press.
  18. Favorite move during weights - crunches.
  19. Favorite instructors - Hayes Callaway, Lexi Brawer, and Valentina Paolillo (truthfully all the instructors there are awesome!). 
  20. Hardest instrutor - Kevin.... so hard, but so good!!!
  21. I always need to ride with a braid or else my hair sticks to my face during body rolls. 
  22. Not all leggings are created equal, and you need to get yourself a pair that are lightweight, fast drying, high waisted, and don't create a muffin top.
  23. I go crazy whenever there's SoulCycle Dallas apparel in studio.
  24. My place in class is either front row or side bar.
  25. When I want to work/check on my form I like to ride sidebar closest to the mirror to check out my form during class. 
  26. I HATE when I have to sit in the back row!
  27. I was so determined to hit 100 classes before I moved so during March I took 41 classes.
  28. Currently getting ready to take the SoulTogether challenge where I will be taking 30 classes in 30 days. 
  29. I love doing doubles on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays!
  30. I'll do a triple once a week. 
  31. On the days I triple I cross my fingers that the last class won't have long runs. The wishful thinking never works ;)
  32. Every week I keep telling myself that I am going to buy my own shoes, but always end up renting a pair from the studio.
  33. Love my theme rides especially if Beyonce is involved!
  34. I've cried many times during the Soul Moment song.
  35. I have a very distinct "woo" in class. #firecracker
  36. I've learned to put myself out there, and make friends with riders I see regularly.
  37. My car floor is flooded with half filled smart water bottles.
  38. Trunk is filled with dirty spin clothes that I always forget to bring inside. 
  39. If my towel drops halfway through class I know that I'm screwed. #sweatyhandlebars
  40. 3 pound weights are my bae.
  41. Most exhausting movement? Continuous body rolls or long runs.
  42. Favorite day of the week is Sundays when AE and I do a double class with a survivor.
  43. When Hayes was still living in Texas AE and I would always sign up at noon on Monday for his survivors so we could always ride together on premium bikes. 
  44. Least favorite day of the week. Mondays - hardest day for me to do spin since I'm so busy with teaching all day. 
  45. I love losing myself to the beat of the music.
  46. I have to consciously foam roll my hip flexors, and quads so that my knees don't ache.
  47. I always read that spin makes women thighs bulk up, and I think that is a complete lie. Ever since I started spin I feel more lean, and my muscles are more striated. 
  48. I've lost weight doing SoulCycle.
  49. My cardio endurance has increased.
  50. Ever since doing SoulCycle I don't get as bloated. 
  51. I can remember my favorite class still to this day. It was an evening class where AE and I went to go ride with Hayes. In that class two riders were riding podium to celebrate someone's 250 and 500 class. Hayes was off the bike the whole time, and the energy in the room was insane! Tons of hoots, towel dancing, and energy went down that night. Still get chills thinking about how LIT it was. 
  52. Laundry has become endless! (March was the worst!).
  53. I probably annoy everyone on Instagram who follows my Insta stories when I tag who I took from that day.
  54. Had to upgrade to more expensive laundry detergent to kill the sweat stink. 
  55. I've thrown clothes away that won't shed the sweat smell. #woof 
  56. The community within the studio is amazing!
  57. I used to never work out in just a sports bra, but now you'll never see me in a tank!
  58. I'm guilty of rocking the matching leggings and sports bra.
  59. I appreciate so much when an instructor will have a different playlist/class in a day when I double from them.  
  60. If I wash my hair on a day where I do SoulCycle then that wash day was ruined.
  61. After a lit class you can see me in my car using my steering wheel as first.
  62. SoulCycle has become a mental escape for me.
  63. I developed a deep passion for the brand, and hope that I can become an instructor one day.
  64. I'm sure my hair has gotten damaged with how tight I need to make my pony tails. 
  65. Favorite funny cue in class via Vali - "Tighten up those top knots."
  66. Favorite funny cue in class via Lexi - "Ride that bike like you stole it."
  67. Spin doesn't agitate my left hamstring or calves. Hallelujah!
  68. Different teachers offer different things - athleticism, inspiration, and a full on party.
  69. My music library has definitely increased with so many lit songs since I started riding.
  70. I've tried different spin classes in Dallas, and rhythm riding at SoulCycle is my favorite.
  71. I love how SoulCycle is all about your personal journey throughout class. 
  72. During stretch at the end of class I'm always surprised by the pool of sweat below my bike. 
  73. I always love the smell of the spin room after it gets cleaned.
  74. I treasure every time I ride, and use that 45 minutes to just focus on me.
  75. I sleep significantly better if I ride at night.
  76. When I ride in the morning I notice Im significantly more happy.
  77. I'm more energized after spin.
  78. Each ride is my own personal therapy.
  79. I've upped my yoga practice since riding since there isn't much time to stretch at SoulCycle. 
  80. A spin high is a real thing!
  81. The "dancing" on a bike makes class go by so fast!
  82. I've gotten Todd to take 3 classes, and I don't think he loves it as much as me ;)
  83. Unfortunately I've developed a little back-ne since riding with all the sweat I'm dripping. #whyyyyyyyyyyy
  84. I might have done a "risky business" slide in my spin shoes in the hallways when I thought no one was looking. Don't worry, I had an audience!
  85. I go so much that the front desk has memorized my information to add me to class. 
  86. I always stay for stretch while others duck out. 
  87. I've gone horse from "wooing" too much in class.
  88. I feel more like an athlete. 
  89. Always carry an RX bar or clementine in my bag for a quick snack for post spin.
  90. I go to the 6/6:30 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I have a very distinct routine for the mornings. I always go to Starbucks 15 minutes before class so that I have that time to drink my starbs to give me a boost of energy. If I wake too late to skip my Starbucks it throws off my ride game. 
  91. I live for the SoulCycle puns... I "wheeling" love you, "soul" obsessed, you'll be "soul" missed, "soul" mates... nerdy I know!
  92. Love how one of my favorite instructors Lexi now takes at Pure Barre. Pure Barre x SoulCycle = PureSoul.
  93. When I causally hear a song that I ride to in public I start dreaming about my next class. 
  94. Get so annoyed when I see people checking their apple watches constantly during class.
  95. Want to see Amy Schumer's new movie just because it has her falling off a SoulCycle bike.
  96. The word "lit" is my go to word when describing a class that gives me the ultimate spin high. 
  97. I never lock my locker anymore since I always forget what locker number I put my things in.
  98. Will engage in any conversation that deals with how I much I can talk about my passion for SoulCycle.
  99. I actively grunt (loud) during long runs or big pushes. 
  100. I'm purely SoulAddicted.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Denim Romper

Photography: Ella B Photo
Romper: HM (recently got it! Similar here and here) / Turban: Free People / Bag: HM / Shoes: Marc Fisher / Lips: Pucker & Pout - 2x First Love 1x Bombshell
Last week I had the opportunity to meet up with some Pure Barre girls, and invited one of our favorite SoulCycle instructors Lexi to dinner with us. I was coming back from a shoot, and wore this little number to dinner. Since the PB girls and I love us some Mexican food we decided to go to one of our favorite spots in Uptown Mi Cocina for dinner. The night was full of strengthening friendships, and getting to know Lexi outside of the studio. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

The First of the Summer Dresses

Photography: Ella B Photo
Dress: Shein c/o ($26! similar here) / Necklace: Baublebar c/o / Earrings: Baublebar / Bracelets: Baublebar c/o / Rings: Free People / Bag: HM / Shoes: Marc Fisher / Lips: Pucker & Pout - 2x First Love 1x Bombshell
Happy Friday blog fam! Doesn't this dress just scream summer? I can't believe that summer loving of 2018 is quickly approaching. 

Summer time is my go to dress season. and this festive beauty was recently added to the collection. I usually don't like to show so much skin, but I just fell in love with the knotted front of this dress. This number would be perfect for some type of tropical vacation or Sunday brunch with the girls. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Powder Blue & Lemon

Photography: Ella B Photo
Dress: Express / Sweater: Halogen (old similar here) / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Bag: Gigi New York c/o / Sunnies: Quay / Earrings: Baublebar c/o / Lips: Pucker & Pout - 2x Strawberry Shortcake 1x Sassy Z
One of my favorite color combos recently has definitely become lemon, and powder blue. Both color compliment each other beautifully, and make one another pop! Whats your favorite color combo for spring? 

 Happy Tuesday y'all see ya tomorrow :)

Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Tulle

Skirt: Rachel Parcell / Top: Outdoor Voices (it's actually a sports bra) / Earrings: Baublebar c/o / Bracelet: Loren Hope c/o / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (old similar here) / Shoes: WHBM c/o (sold out similar here) / Lips: Pucker & Pout - Aussie Rose
Last week I just got this skirt in from the new Rachel Parcell spring line, and it was even more beautiful in person. What attracted me to this skirt was the volume of it! You can make it dressy by pairing it with a silk blouse, or dress it down by pairing it with a tee and flats. 

Petite Review of the Rachel Parcell Versailles Tulle Skirt: The smallest size this skirt comes in is a xs. The skirt didn't fit my 23 waist, and had to take it in a ton. The length hit me perfectly for a midi so no alterations were needed there. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Crop Top Sports Bra: From the Gym to the Street

Top: Outdoor Voices (its actually a sports bra, and coms in tons of colors!) / Skirt: Shein c/o (also loving this style here and here) / Clutch: Vici (old similar here and here) / Earrings: Baublebar / Bracelets: Baublebar c/o / Shoes: Michael Kors (old similar here and here) / Lips: Pucker & Pout - 2x Apple Cider 1x Aussie Rose
Did you read yesterdays post? If you did then you probably recognize this top because it's actually a sports bra! As I was browsing through Instagram I came across a blogger that used the Outdoor Voices bra as a crop top. When I saw this I was immediately on board because, lets be real, anything that can be doubled as workout wear and street wear speaks to me. 

I wore this outfit two weeks ago when a friend and I went to the arboretum here in Dallas. Right after our girl date I immediately went to go to a Soul Cycle class where I swapped my skirt out for a pair of high waisted leggings to get my sweat on. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Best Apparel for Spin, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, and Running

If you can't tell I LOVE FITNESS!!! Over the past 6 months I've really taken advantage of all the boutique workouts in Dallas (thanks ClassPass), and have tried so many different workouts. While I loved being exposed to so many different things there was just one problem.....

Not all my clothes work! 
Barre leggings don't work for spin!
Running bras are too constricting for yoga!
Can you imagine the frustration?!

I quickly realized that all my activewear doesn't work for all workouts. Ever since January I've been spending my money on athleisure so that I have clothes that work for either yoga, barre, pilates, spin, and running. I've tried so many different styles/brands, and have come up with this guide to help a sister out. 

Keep scrolling so you can read my reviews on each piece, and why it works for that specific workout.

Best Apparel for Barre and Pilates

This is obviously the easiest review for me since I've been teaching barre for 6 years, and have acquired lots of clothes to teach in. Since barre and pilates are similar in the sense you are going to use small movements the apparel is interchangeable between barre and pilates. 

1 - Outdoor Voices leggings: I recently bought three pairs of these leggings, and I LOVE THEM!! I love to teach in them, and take in them. The leggings are pretty tight so they aren't going anywhere. The brand on me is a midrise, which is perfect to wear either a loose or tight tank without it feeling bunchy in the waist region. I just want to make a note about these. I see people wear them a lot at Soul Cycle, but I personally don't love them for spin because the rise isn't high enough on me. 

2 - Beyond Yoga Space Dye: If you are looking for a pair of leggings that feel like butta, you need the space dye! These leggings are soft, and are so stretchy that you won't ever get that weird muffin top. These leggings don't have compression to them, but are perfect for sliding into your forward split stretch during Pure Barre. 

3- Alo Deluxe Sports Bra: I literally just got this bra two days ago from the studio, and I LOVE!!!! The straps in the front make it fun if you are wearing a low tank, and also have the straps in the back for a party in the back. 

4- Athlete Coverup: In the winter I have a tendency to ditch the tanks for light weight coverups. Since I get so cold when I walk into a 70 degree studio I love coverups to keep me warm (plus makes me sweat more ;) ). I got this coverup, and love how the back is open to show a fun bra!

5 - Free People tank: Since I Loe wearing fun scrappy bras to barre and pilates this tank is perfect to show it off. The cut of the tank is also very flattering on!

6 - Koral Leggings: I recently got these beauties from Bandier, and love the snake skin pattern! I tried wearing these to Soul Cycle, and these are definitely NOT spin leggings. Perfect for barre and pilates!

7 - Lululemon high rise Wunder Under: The wunder under will always be my prime legging for barre and pilates because it fits like a dream. Also the fact that it has the Luxtreme makes the body look smooth, and seamless. 

8- Lululemon laced bra: I got this bra a couple weeks ago, and it has become one of my favorite bras for spring. The straps in the front make it so you won't fall out, and I even wear it to spin or run in. My only complaint about this bra is that they need to make it in more colors ;)

Best Apparel for Spin

When I started to become OBSESSED with Soul Cycle I realized that my workout wardrobe needed an overhaul. I have spent hours and hours trying on different items to find the perfect pieces to do my tap backs in. Every piece I listed I stand by 100%, and if you get any of these leggings you'll thank me later in your next spin class. 

1/6 - Lorna Jane Bras: Every time I go teach at the Uptown Pure Barre studio I always walk by Lorna Jane. It wasn't until a couple months ago that I actually went into the store, and bought two of their bras. The bras are a little bit more supportive than I'm used to, but I LOVE them for spin! They whisk  sweat well, and are fast drying. My friend Emily who has a chest says she loves them for spin too, and keeps the girls in check. Whether you are small or large chested these bras are perfect for spin. They come in a variety of necklines so you won't have to worry about a nip slip as you perfect your bike body rolls. 

2 - Lululemon chasing miles legging: I recently got these leggings, and they are my second favorite spin legging (first favorite coming up ;) ). I actually love these for running too!

3/5 - Alo Coverups: Since I only rock a sports bra in class I always walk into the studio with a coverup. I currently have this in All coverup in black, and its so perfect with high waited leggings. I love the cropped Alo sweatshirt as a coverup, and is next on my shopping list. 

4 - Lululemon fast & free: YOUR SPIN PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! These are my favorite for spin! I got these per referral of my girl AE, and I don't know how I started spinning without them. I loved them so much I got them in 2 colors. They are on the more pricey end for Lulu, but they are so worth it. These are fast drying, light weight, high waisted, and compress in the right places. Since the compression is body specific with these leggings you won't worry about them making you have a weird muffin top as you reach it out to third. If there weren't so pricey I would have 5 pairs already!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

7- Outdoor Voices crop bra: Currently this one of my favorite bras, and have it in three colors! I love this bra because it has a high neck, looks like a crop top, and is light weight for spin. I have it in a plain color, and even wear it with a high waisted skirt (post coming soon ;) ). I think it works great for small chested women, but doesn't have support for someone with a large chest. 

8 - PE Leggings: I've shared these leggings before, and it's because I love them!!! The are light weight, have compression, fast drying, and are high waisted. 

9 - 2XU: Ok maybe I lied when I said the fast & free where my favorite, because these are hands down ah-mazing! I don't have this exact style, but have two pairs of the Pure Barre 2XU ones. My girl Emily and I both agree that these are meant for spin. I have to continuously do loads of black laundry just because I love wearing these so much for spin. Light weight, high rise, compression, and is fast drying. Don't worry about a muffin top since these won't cut you off weird. 

Best Apparel for Yoga

One of my goals this year was to do yoga 1-2x a week to help my left hamstring, and I can't go a week without it now. When it comes to yoga the leggings, and bra make or break your flow.

1 - Lululemon align: I first got these for barre, and HATED THEM! Maybe you can remember an Instagram story rant I had when I wore them for the first time to teach, and how my mic pack kept pulling my pants down. That day I went to return them because they didn't fit my work lifestyle, and I was so thrilled that I was able to exchange them out. A couple weeks later I went back to Lulu to give them another try, and I walked out of the store buying another pair. These leggings are compression friendly, but they move with your body, I learned that these leggings are perfect for yoga because they won't create a weird muffin top, and aren't constricting when you go into poses.

2 - Onzie bra: I LOVE Onzie bras because they won't be constricting on my body while I'm doing yoga. they are typically low support, which works for my small chest. 

3 - Alo high waisted motto: Alo will always be a favorite for me, and love the leggings for yoga. These are also perfect for barre and pilates. 

4 - Alo interlace bra: Can you tell I have a ting for interlaced bras? Love this bra because the lace gives a darling detail, and will hold you in as you chaturanga. 

5 - Alo long sleeve: When it comes to yoga I'm all about pieces that will move with my body. I'm obsessing over this top because it's the perfect coverup that you can get warm in to later shed during your practice. 

6 - Beyond Yoga Space Dye: These make a second appearance because they work equally for barre and yoga. 

7/8 Alo & Spiritual Gangster crop top: If you don't feel comfortable working out in a bra these crop tops will be the perfect substitute.

Best Apparel for Running

1 - Lululemon speed up tight: Whenever I go running in the winter I pretty much stick to leggings to run in. Before this style came out I wore it's previous version for years, and love the compression it offers me while running. These are also fast drying, and whisk the sweat as you take on the trail. Side note: I love these for teaching in because the pockets on the side, and I can stick the remote in it :)

2 - Zella bra: I'm not super picky when it comes to bras for running, but I recently got this one. I was actually surprised how much I loved it for running because it was fast drying, and offered me some support. HUGE FAN!

3 - Nike shorts: I'm not super fancy when it comes to my running shorts because all I want is something that isn't tight, and is fast drying! These shorts get the job done, and are way cheaper than lulu ones.

4 - Brooks Ravenna: I SWEAR BY THESE SHOES!! When I started getting into running a few years ago these were my first "real" pair of running shoes. These were honestly a game changer for my training, and are a must have in my closet! Note: If you are ever planning to train for a marathon or half a marathon always get a pair of shoes a half size bigger since your feet will swell.

5/6 - Alo & Carbon crop tops: When I run I prefer to run in loose crop tanks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Photography: Ella B Photo
Top: Free People / Jeans: Rag & Bone / Bracelets: Baublebar c/o / Watch: Michael Kors / Bag: VICI (similar here) / Boots: Gianni Bini / Sunnies: Quay (similar here) / Lips: Pucker & Pout - Aussie Rose 
Do you remember when I talked about this Free People shirt couple weeks ago? I bought it in lavender, and since I was so obsessed with the style I got it in coral! When you find a piece that you are obsessed with why not get it in a few different colors?! 

I would love to see what piece you've gotten in multiple colors ! Drop the link below so I can check it out ;)

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