Friday, February 23, 2018

Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Photography: Ella B Photo
Dress: Shein c/o (Only $20! Comes in more colors too!) / Bag: WHBM c/o (similar here and here) / Shoes: WHBM c/o (ON SALE FOR $50!!) / Lips: Pucker & Pout - Roseberry
I feel like it's been forever since I've shared a super dressy outfit on the blog, and I am obsessed with this gorgeous cobalt dress. I've always loved cobalt on me, but this color is so hard to find!

Since my life keeps getting more and more casual since I work from home it's so nice to get dressed up from time to time. One of the things I miss about working outside of home was actually wearing my wardrobe M-F. 
Petite Review for the Shein One Side Ruffle Dress: When I got this dress in I couldn't believe how perfect the xs fit. I did no alterations on this dress at all, and it fits me like a glove. Since my body is smaller than most I would definitely recommend going up a size. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kelly Green


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Spin Playlist Faves

It's no surprise that I've become OBSESSED with riding at Soul Cycle, and one of my favorite parts of the workout is the music! Here's a mix of my favorite songs I've heard recently in my classes. I hope you love this playlist as much as me! Click here to hear the playlist. 

  1. I Miss You  Cahill Remix) - Clean Bandit feat Julia Michaels
  2. Sinners - ODESZA feat Sasha Sloan
  3. Ok (Stadiumx Remix) - Robin Schulz
  4. Night Call - Steve Aoki feat Lil Yachty
  5. Aint That Way - R3HAB & Krewella
  6. New Rules (MRK Club Mix) - Duo Lipa
  7. Both Of Us - Yellow Claw
  8. Mi Gente (Alesso Remix) - J Balvin, Willy William, Alesso
  9. Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) - BTS feat Desiigner
  10. Beautiful Trauma (MOTi Remix) - Pink
  11. Silence (Tiesto's Big Room Remix) - Marshmallow, Khalid, Tiesto
  12. What About Us (Cash Cash Remix) - Pink
  13. Best Friend - Sofi Tukker, Oliver Heldens, NERVO
  14. Get it Right - Diplo, MO, Goldlink
  15. Dirty Sexy Money (Joe Stone Remix) - David Guetta, Afrojack, Charli XCX

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Photography: Ella B Photo
Top: Topshop / Jeans: AG / Bag: Target (old similar here) / Shoes: Just Fab (old similar here and here) / Rings: Free People / Bracelets: Charming Charlie's (old similar here) & Baublebar / Lips: Pucker & Pout - Strawberry Shortcake
Stopping by today for a quick post since today is going to be full of Soul Cycle, Solid Core, Pure Barre, and round 2 of Soul Cycle in the evening. See you guys tomorrow for "Workout Wednesday."

Monday, February 19, 2018

Game Night

Photography: Ella B Photo
Top: Halogen / Jacket: Zara (super similar here) / Tights: Cammando / Bag: VICI (similar here) / Boots: Gianni Bini / Skirt: Free People (comes in other colors and is on sale!) / Lips: Pucker & Pout - First Love
Happy presy day blog fam! 

If you follow my Instagram stories then you would have seen that my weekend was a blast! One of my Pure Barre friends decided to host a girl game night on Saturday, and invited Pure Barre staff and some of our client friends. The turn out was amazing, and we had 20 girls show up! I seriously needed Saturday because I couldn't stop laughing. We played two games with the first being Fish Bowl, and the second being What Do You Meme (We also used the Basic Bitch Pack - Must GET!). If you have ever played Cards Against Humanity then you'll love this game! Seriously one of the funniest games I have ever played! The night was full of food, good company, and non stop laughs. 

I left the party a little early since I had my double dose of Soul Cycle in the morning, and didn't want to sleep through my favorite classes I look forward to all week! After I did a double with my soul sister AE I then went home to shower, and get ready to teach since Todd was pulling a 36 hour. After I got done teaching I then ran over to the Dallas Farmers Market to photograph a PB girl for her blog. 

I'm starting to love these weekends were I get to hang with girlfriends for days on end. I'm seriously soaking in every moment before we have to leave Dallas. 

What are some of your favorite games you like to play at game night?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Workout Wednesday: My Top Favorite Studios for Class Pass in Dallas + Studio Review

If you have been following my Instagram stories then you would have noticed how much I enjoy taking different classes with Class Pass (full blog post on CP here). Since I get so many DMs about my thoughts on different studios I thought I would share my top Class Pass studios for Dallas Texas with a full review on why I love the studios. Lets jump right in! 

BEYOND Studios - Preston Hollow 

This class caught my interest on Class Pass because of the treadmills. Since I am a runner I was curious to see how running was incorporated into this workout. The 9:30 a.m class I went to was called "Reform + Run," and you spend half the time on a treadmill with the other half being on a reformer or the bungee attached to the wall. Note: We didn't use the tramps featured in the image for my class. 

The class size consisted of me and two other girls, which seemed very small considering it being a 9:30 a.m. class. We started off on the treadmill first, and this treadmill was the most foreign treadmill I've ever been on. When I got on I was looking for the dials to turn up the speed, and little did I know that your own body propels the tread. Beyond uses a Woodway Curve treadmill, and the curved design mixed with body weight allows the machine to move. This treadmill was CRAZY, but a good crazy!!!

Once you spend some time on the treadmill at mixed rates then you come to the floor and do strength training with the bungee, and then its back to the treadmill. We used the bungee to either do jump squats or strength training with the arms. Since I've been taking it easy on my knees lately I modified any jumping. You do this back and forth between cardio and strength training the entire class, and by the 3rd time we hit the tread I was stripping down to a bra. You finish class on the reformers, and my body was sweating uncontrollably at this time. 

After class I talked to the teacher about how much I enjoyed the class, and talked about my bum left hamstring. As we talked she informed me on some things I can do for my tight hamstring to loosen it up. I REALLY appreciated this because it shows that the instructors are not only trained to run a class, but are also familiar with the body/injury relationship. 

Class: BEYOND Studios - Reform + Run

Class Description: Full body pilates based interval training. Portion of class is done on a treadmill, and other potion done on a pilates reformer.

Good For: Toning and burning calories.

Class Time: 50 minutes

What to Wear: Leggings or crops, sticky socks, running shoes, tank, and a sports bra incase you need to shed the layers ;)

Music: Loved the music. Remixed top hits that are upbeat.

Injury Friendly?: If running is too much impact on your joints you can always opt to walk. Make sure you talk with the instructor prior to class if you have a preexisting injury. 

Sweat Rating: I sweat a ton in this class and give it a 7/10 with 10 being drenched head to toe. This class is definitely a good calorie burn!

Pure Barre - Preston Hollow

Ok maybe I'm a little bias for this making my top studio list since I work here, but you know I love me some PB. I currently work at three studios in Dallas: Greenville, Uptown, and Preston Hollow. Preston Hollow is the only location I work at that is on CP. Pure Barre is a full body workout, and uses small movements to a) be low impact on the body, and b) to target and isolate muscles. The technique creates long lean muscle by fatiguing each muscle group to the point where it shakes, and then stretching it out after class (click here and here to see a Pure Barre transformation post I wrote).  

The class starts off with a warm up in the center of the room with weight work. After that you then move to the barre for the majority of class to work on thighs, seat, quick cardio sprint, abs, and cool down. Every class has the same format, but is different every time you come to class. For example: You'll never experience the same thigh set even if you come every day. 

If you are new to Pure Barre make sure you come at LEAST 10-15 minutes early #prettyplease. As a teacher I want to really stress this because of a few different reasons. It gives you enough time to fill out the waiver, and allows the teacher to talk with you some basics of the technique. If you have never done a barre class before the teacher will go over some basics on what to expect since PB is so different from other workouts (click here for a beginners guide to PB I wrote). 

When you sign up for class be mindful that there is 2 types of classes: Classic & Empower. Classic is our core class, and empower is our 45 minute cardio based class. It is recommended that you take 2-3 classic classes before jumping into empower, since empower is done at a faster pace.

Class: Pure Barre - Classic

Class Description: Low impact full body workout.

Good For: Toning and burning.

Class Time: 50 minutes

What to Wear: Leggings or crops, sticky socks, and a shirt that covers the midriff. NO SHORTS OR BELLY SHIRTS

Music: High energy music that is a mixture of the latest hits.

Injury Friendly?: ABSOLUTELY!!! Pure Barre has soooo many modifications for so many injuries. Make sure you tell the instructor about a preexisting injury or if you are currently pregnant before class. 

Sweat Rating: Depends on who you take class from. I'm big into keeping the body warm to prevent injury when stretching, and my class will be warmer than some. Typically I would say I give it a 4/10 on the sweat rating, but it all depends on how hard you work. I typically workout in a long sleeve shirt during the winter so I can sweat more. 

Uptown Yoga - Uptown

I've never considered myself a yogi, but have had spurts of where I really get into yoga. When I first moved to Dallas one of my goals was to find a yoga studio that I really enjoyed, and that had the potential for me to learn advanced positions. Finding a killer yoga studio was the reason I signed up with CP. 

Uptown Yoga was the first yoga studio I tried on Class Pass, and fell in love. You can find me here regularly 1-2 times a week, and is the studio I visit most frequently on Class Pass. There is multiple Uptown Yoga studios in the DFW area, but the Uptown one is my favorite. The only downside of this studio is that parking is on the street in a residential area so make sure you arrive a little early to find a good parking spot. 

I took my first UY class at 5:30 p.m. back in December, and during my first class I really appreciated that there was a second instructor in the class going around doing corrections. I LOVED this because it helped me find that extra length or spot in my body that relieved any tension in the muscles. They don't always have a second instructor in the class, and not quite sure which classes do. 

This studio is awesome for both those starting yoga or advanced yogis. If you are newer to yoga place your mat next to the instructor podium so you can have an easier time following if you aren't familiar with yoga lingo. 

I've taken from multiple instructors, but really love Alexandra Grimm's class. 

Class: Uptown Yoga - All Level Flow

Class Description:  Multilevel yoga flow.

Good For: Stretching 

Class Time: 60 minutes

What to Wear: Leggings or crops, shirt, or sports bra. Yoga mats are available at the studio for free. 

Music: Calming music to help you work through your flow.

Injury Friendly?: ABSOLUTELY!!! Yoga is low impact, and you move into what you are comfortable with. 

Sweat Rating: The studio is kept at a warmer temperature (round 75-80 I believe) to keep your muscles warm as you go into your flow. I give it a 3/10. 

[Solidcore] - Dallas

Yesterday I decided to break up my teaching/blogging work day by trying a new workout in Dallas called [solidcore]. When looking through my CP app I was looking for a new class that I could attend at noon, and this popped up on my "recommended for you." Had the word "core" in it, and naturally it caught my interest since I love doing core work ;)

Before attending class I went on the SC website to see what this class was about. While reading online it said that the class was a high intensity reformer class that works to fatigue the muscles to failure. Sounded intense, and I was excited for a challenge! Give Jessica a challenge, and I am a happy camper. When I walked into SC I was greeted by one of my Pure Barre clients who actually teaches at SC. Next week I'm going to take her class, and I know she's gonna love working me like I do with her ;)

Before class started the teacher gave a brief intro on what different parts of the reformer are called, and talked about what to expect with class. The key with this class is to go slow, and do small movements. Sometimes it was hard for me to make movements ultra slow since I move my body to 8 counts of music, and thus depending on the tempo of the music I moved faster or slower. #rhythymworkoutproblems. 

As class was going I was having the best time because the teacher was so funny. Her cues made me break out in a smile, and made class that more fun. Maybe I was the only client having the time of her life since I was the only one giggling with the instructors jokes. I have a tendency to have RBF when I workout, but was cracking a smile all throughout class. Seriously.... the instructor Brittany Harrington is one funny gal. 

The class uses the reformer for a full body workout coupled with some killer jams. Whenever we did core or upper body work my muscles didn't struggle too much, but definitely feel it in my chest today. The leg section was short (I'm definitely not complaining about that), and was DYING with hamstring work. Since I have a bum left hamstring my right is equally as weak since I try to baby my right so my body stays symmetrical. Anyways.... hamstring leg work was-a-struggle.

I did get sweaty in that class (not dripping), and was wearing a long sleeve shirt the whole time to keep my body extra warm. When I woke up this morning to teach the 6 a.m. in Greenville I noticed that my inner thighs and chest were sore. With that said I'll definitely be back!

Note that not all class times are available on CP. 

Class: [solidcore] - All Levels

Class Description:  Full body workout on a pilates reformer.

Good For: Toning and burning

Class Time: 50 minutes

What to Wear: Leggings or crops, shirt, or sports bra. You can either wear sticky socks or go barefoot. 

Music: High energy music that is a mixture of the latest hits. Solidcore hook me up with your playlists!

Injury Friendly?: ABSOLUTELY!!! Since movements are slow and controlled you move at your comfort level. Talk with the instructor prior to class about preexisting injuries. 

Sweat Rating: I would say that this studio gets a 5/10 on the sweat scale.  

If you have done any classes on Class Pass in Dallas that you love please drop your recommendations below. I love trying new workouts, and love when someone recommends an awesome studio! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Latest Fashion Obsession

Photography: Ella B Photo
Jacket: Shein (only $40!) / Top: Halogen (seriously have this in three colors! Best staple!) / Jeans: Rag and Bone / Sunnies: Quay / Bag: Target / Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden (old similar here) / Lips: Pucker & Pout - Strawberry Shortcake
Recently Dallas has been all over the place with the weather. One day it's 65 degrees, and the next day it hits 27!!! I know I shouldn't be complaining since I hated it being warm in Arizona during this time of year, but it's so hard to dress when the weather isn't consistent. 

Even though spring fashion is starting to poke it's head out in stores I find myself sticking to winter pieces during this cold front. If you saw my post yesterday then you might notice that I am beating the cold weather by loving on the fur jacket trend. What I'm loving about the fur jackets is that it's such a bold piece that it elevates a simple outfit. My current fur jacket obsession is now up to three jackets (insert in a million laugh cry emojis). 

If you haven't jumped on the fur jacket trend yet you have to! It's such a fun fashion piece that every girl needs in her wardrobe. 

What do you think of fur jackets this year? Yeah or neh?

Monday, February 12, 2018

Chic Pink

Jacket: RP Everyday Shop / Top: Rachel Parcell c/o / Denim: AG / Bag: Target (old similar here and here) / Shoes: Sam Edelman (old similar here and here) / Lips: Pucker & Pout - 1x Be Mine 1x Sweetheart Pink 1x Razzberry
Happy Monday blog fam! This week is going to be such a fun week since it's Valentines Day on Wednesday! I've already gotten into the Vday spirit by making home made boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries for my favorite Soul Cycle instructors, Soul Cycle Uptown staff, and my Pure Barre family. I'm all about showing those who make a positive impact in my life how much I appreciate them. 

Since Todd's birthday and Valentines Day land a few days away from one another he decided that we skip doing a nice dinner for him, and do something really nice for the holiday. We all know that I LOVE getting all gussied up for the holidays, and I can already tell you that this jacket will be apart of the date night outfit. I recently got in this jacket that is only $50 from the Rachel Parcell everyday shop, and it pairs beautifully with her new blouse from her collections. When I saw this top I was immediately obsessed with the lace detail, and the high neck. This blouse can easily be worn with jeans, or a skirt for an ultra chic look. 

Have you already planned out what you will be doing for Valentines Day?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pure Barre Teacher Q & A

Over the past year I've gotten so many dms and emails about being a Pure Barre teacher, and thought that it would be a good idea for a blog post! Currently I've been teaching Pure Barre for 6 years, and have taught in Utah, Arizona, and now Texas. Throughout my journey of teaching I have met so many amazing women, and have formed friendships that I will have forever!

When I first started teaching little did I know that this would become a career that brings so much joy to my life. I can say with complete honesty that I truly LOVE what I do. 

Lets jump into the Q & A!

  1. How do you become a Pure Barre instructor?
    • My experience with how I became an instructor may be a little different from newly trained instructors. Six years ago I was in college, and working as a researcher for the University of Utah. There came a time when my department lost their grant, and some researchers needed to be let go due to lack of funds. I was one of the people that was let go, and I immediately jumped onto Craig's List to find a job that would revolve around my school schedule. While applying to a batch of jobs I saw an ad for a barre teacher. During this time barre was very new to the Utah scene, and I heard it was the latest fitness craze in the celebrity scene. I've always loved working out so figured why not apply to the job even though I've never taken a barre class in my life. A couple days later I got a response for a job interview. I met with Stephanie Blodgett, the owner of Pure Barre Draper, at an Einsteins bagels where I can't even remember what we talked about. After the interview I didn't hear back from Stephanie until I sent a follow up email a few weeks later. Stephanie then offered me the job, and said that I would go to a mandatory training during May for 5 days in Denver Colorado. 
  2. You say your experience with becoming a teacher may be from what it is today. How is that?
    • Pure Barre Draper was the first studio in Utah so there wasn't a pool of experienced clients that have experience in the technique that my owner could choose from. She looked for people who had a dance background since Pure Barre is rhythm based, and class is done to the beat of the music. Also when I got trained I didn't have to pay for training, and had to sign a contract saying that I would work for a year (I think it was a year). Lets talk about why things are different now. Fast forward 6 years later, and the Pure Barre franchise has exploded all over the country. There is now a studio in every major city, and tons of people are experienced with the technique. Since more people are familiar with the workout some owners will now hold "teacher auditions." During the auditions each applicant is given some type of set up for class to memorize, and say it on the mic to music. Owners do this to see if there is raw talent there, their form, and if they have the musicality. If they are picked to be sent to training I've noticed that some studios I've worked at have the new teacher pay for some/ or all of the training + traveling expenses. This can easily add up to over 1k for the trainee to pay. I've also seen that at some studios the money will be paid back to the trainee after working X amount of time. I seriously feel so fortunate that I never had to pay for any of my 4 trainings because there's no way I would have been able to swing paying that kind of money while being a newly wed when I first started teaching. 
  3. What's training like?
    • When you get sent to training you'll either go for 3-5 days in Denver or Spartanburg. I went for 5 days in Colorado because I was apart of a new studio, and that was apart of protocol 6 years ago. When a new instructor is sent from an existing studio then they only have to go 3 days. I always laugh when I say this, but my first day of training was the first time I've ever done a Pure Barre class. It wasn't just me either, the majority of the trainees there from different states had never taken a class before just because Pure Barre was still in it's growing phase. During training you are given a manual that has everything you need to know about running class, and is your bible for the next few months. Training lasts almost 8 hours everyday where you go over set ups, musicality, corrections, and etc. During training you are given a lunch break for an hour, but also make sure you bring snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day. I absolutely loved trainings because I got to know my fellow Draper team, and we had a blast outside of training (pictures below ;) ). My trip to Denver is definitely something I'll never forget . When you get back from training you need to pass a test out to be certified. This consists of you being filmed teaching a mock class with a few people. That is then sent to corporate where they pass or fail you to be certified. If you don't pass the test out you can always resubmit another video. 
  4. How long did it take you to get comfortable teaching?
    • Oh gosh.... I think it was a few months. The more I taught the more I didn't have to rely as much on my manual. Just like anything it takes practice practice practice! I'm at the point in my teaching career where I know the class like the back of my hand. 
  5. How would you describe your style of teaching?
    • Energy Energy Energy. I'm naturally very energetic, and bring that to all of my classes. I try to teach a class that has a style that I would enjoy if I was a client taking my class.  My style now is completely different from when I first started because I have evolved and grown as a teacher. Since I have worked at so many different studios with moving I have benefitted so much from it because I pick up something new, and incorporate that into my style. When taking my class you can expect fast transitions, and hardly ever a break between sections because I like to keep the heart rate elevated. One of the things I take great pride in teaching is that I am extremely comfortable with touching people, and correcting form. Even though my class is face paced, I stop, and take the time with each client to put them in the correct form. Form to me comes first above everything else, and is the ground work for a safe and efficient workout. 
  6. What was your biggest challenge when learning to teach?
    • My biggest challenge was definitely hands on corrections, and touching people. We all have our personal space, and back away when people enter that space unannounced. I never wanted to intrude on someone's personal space so learning to get over that mental barrier was a big obstacle for me. Luckily I had Stephanie who pushed me to continuously work on correcting people. In Utah I learned how to correct, but when I moved to Arizona that is where I learned to touch. I worked for a sister duo in Arizona , Veronica and Marirose, and Marirose really inspired me. When she would conduct class she would tap a client on some place on their body, as a nonverbal way to say "good job." Now this may sound so simple, but that touch of approval is actually really powerful. I have incorporated that in my classes since, and my clients love it. Another thing I'm continuously working on is slowly down my talking since I am a fast talker ;)
  7. Do you have to prep before teaching a class?
    • Yes most definitely. As a teacher you a provided with choreography from the corporate team, and you can pick and choose what to teach. When I first started teaching it felt like my prep time was an hour, and now it takes me 15 minutes to formulate my class. 
  8. How many times do you teach a week, and is there a set amount you need to do?
    • Currently I work for 2 franchisees in Dallas at 3 studios, and teach anywhere between 12-18 classes a week. Since I work from home I can teach as much as the studios will allow me to do. Each studio has a different minimum of what a teacher needs to work, but the standard is around 3 a week. 
  9. Can you live off just teaching?
    • I do get paid very well here in Dallas, but I still rely on the income from my blog and photography.
  10. If I want to start teaching what are some tips you can give me?
    • Definitely take class, and make yourself known at the studios. Owners want teachers who are able to connect with clients to create a community within their studios, and the more you able to connect with staff and clients is definitely a bonus. Also another tip is to send the owner an email saying why you would love to become a teacher. This puts you on the owners radar, and you never know if that owner is in demand for more teachers. 
  11. I'm a new teacher what are some tips you can give me to make me a better teacher?
    • First and foremost is to always walk into class with a positive attitude because your energy sets the tone for a clients day. Some people use fitness as a way to decompress, and you want that client to walk into a positive experience. 
    • Practice practice practice!!!! When I first started teaching (still do when I'm driving to the studio) I would spit out choreo to the beat of the music whenever I was in the car. By saying it and hearing it will help it stick in your brain. 
    • Make sure you talk with every new client that comes to the studio, and break down what they need to know for class. 
    • Eliminate the flash cards. I've watched a studio raise their teachers to rely on flash cards, and becomes such a crutch that is hard to break. 
    • Smile :)
    • Have fun :)
    • Be patient with yourself. Rome wasn't built in a day.
    • Take other group fitness classes to pick up cues that you can use in your own classes.
    • Take a class from every teacher in your studio regularly because this is going to help you pick up cues, and memorize class format faster. 
    • Work with the lead teacher if one is available at your studio.
    • Let your personality shine. Make your style a reflection of you. I love classes where I can see the teachers personality shine through because it keeps that class unique. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Motto and Sequins

Photography: Ella B Photo
Top: Halogen (have it in three colors. such a great staple) / Skirt: Shein c/o / Jacket: Zara (old very similar here) / Shoes: WHBM c/o (similar here) / Bag: Bebe (old similar here) / Sunnies: Quay / Lips: Pucker & Pout - Dark Pink
Today's blog post is coming up a little late today since Sunday was crazy busy. I kicked my Sunday off by doing a double SoulCycle ride with my Soul bestie Anne Elizabeth (aka AE). We love to do doubles on Sundays because we get to hit up our favorite teachers back to back, Valentina and Hayes. After we worked out I then headed home to get ready to shoot a fellow Pure Barre blogger. 

After our hour shoot I then went to pick up Todd to head out to a Pure Barre staff Super Bowl party. Since I've been running around shooting, sweating, and getting ready I had no time to eat. I was STARVING by the time we got to the party, and pretty much ate everything in site. I guess if you are gonna go against clean eating for a day, a Super Bowl party is definitely the perfect occasion to do so. ;)

Since Todd and I aren't football people we just came to mingle, and left after we watched Justin Timberlake perform. We spent the rest of the night hanging out, and me prepping my clothes for my early AM ride at SoulCycle.

How was your Super Bowl Sunday?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Black Fur

Photography: Ella B Photo
Jacket: HM / Jeans: 7 For All Mankind (ON SALE!) / Bodysuit: Zara (similar here) / Boots: HM (old similar here) / Bag: WHBM c/o / Lips: Pucker & Pout - First Love
I have to thank everyone for their sweet messages about our move to Danville. This has been a rough week to say the least, but I'm optimistic for our future. Happy Friday y'all I'll see you next week. 

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