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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thigh Slim Down

 Top: Lululemon / Bottoms: Lululemon-Wunder Unders (all sold out of diamond pattern) / Socks: Pure Barre / Bracelets: Lily & Laura / Barre: made by my wonderful husband (if a barre isn't available try using a chair or couch)

As a Pure Barre teacher and addict ("Hello my name is Jessica and I'm an LTB addict"), I love working my inner thighs. Here's one of my favorite ways to get my shake on. 
You are probably asking yourself


Not to fear fellow readers! I'll show you the way of getting your shake on. Before I explain proper form, let's discuss some key concepts. Movement in Pure Barre is limited to a small range of motion, which targets/isolates specific muscles, and is low impact on your joints. Talk about a smart workout! Think "minimize the movement" to "maximize the burn." The small repetitive movements will cause to muscle to shake. I call this the "Elvis Effect." The shake is telling you that your muscle is reaching the point of fatigue. Each set is followed by a stretch, which helps to build long lean muscle. Words of advice:
Embrace the shake. 

Keep the legs wider than the framework of your body. Ideally you'd want to spread your knees so far apart that in a side profile your legs would align with your torso. Most people are not this flexible, but it's a great visual! By keeping your legs open, the workout is isolated to the inner, and tops sides of your thigh. Try to push with the inner thigh, and pull with the outer thigh. When your legs creep toward the midline of your body, the exercise is no longer working your inner thighs!
I love the workout Pure Barre provides! I love the shake I get from taking class! You might say that I take my workout that same way I take my drinks, shaken, not stirred. 

Modifications: For those with knee injuries, try working a little higher. Don't bend your knees as much. This will take pressure off your joints. 

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