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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Top: Splits 59 / Bra: Lululemon / Bottoms: Lululemon / Bracelets: Laura & Lily / Socks: Pure Barre / Mat: Pure Barre

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
With swimsuit season here I wanted to share a few ab workouts to make you look even more amazing in that bikini! The second move is killer for flattening your core.  Start off with arms and legs long on the floor. From there use muscle to move your upper body up, and lean forward to tap your toes. As you lean back to the mat, bring your legs up at the same time (legs at a 45 degree angle). From there use muscle to tap the finger to the toes. Hold at the top. From there the legs and arms lower down at the same time on the mat so that your body is one straight line (starting position). 
With the 4th, and 6th move repeat the rep for the other side. 
Tune in tomorrow for FAB ABS part 2!

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