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Friday, June 6, 2014

My Styling Work: Engagements + Family Pics

Steph and Jason

Timmy and Shannon

Katie and Wade

Loback Family

Hope you all had a great week! Sorry for my absence on the blogosphere this week, but I forgot my camera charger in Arizona, and was unable to snap some Utah pics. :( All jazzed about weddings this week, I thought I'd share some of my styling projects on some soon to be brides. 

Stephanie and Jason ~ Vienna Glenn Photography
Gorgeous right?! Anything this girl tried on was perfect on her making my job very easy! Steph called me asking if I'd help her pick out an outfit for her engagements. Naturally I was thrilled to play dress up with my Pure Barre buddy! She told me that she was looking for something that would look great in the desert, and would give a bohemian vibe. For some reason or another the Bohemian look has always been hard for me to create. There needed to be a balance between creating a timeless look, and sticking with the theme. I started pulling her pieces that matched her description with a couple of fun surprises on the side! She immediately loved the maxi skirt! To keep the look timeless we paired it with this trouve tshirt. We knotted it on the side to show off her amazing figure. 

Shannon and Timmy ~ Lexi Moody Photography
Keeping it in the Pure Barre family, Shannon was next to ask for my help. She was looking for something that was classy and cute to go with her rustic theme. With her request being so broad, I happily pulled so many things! With Shannon having such an amazing skin tone the only thing I could think of was color!!!!!! Colorful dresses, pants, skirts, tops, you name it I pulled it. When she would come out of the fitting room to show me the next look, all my coworkers would stare in awe of how amazing she looked! For her dressier look we got her this amazing poppy/red trouve blouse paired with a Ace Delivery skirt, and beautiful gold Nordstrom cuff. For her casual look we took her white jeans that she already owned, and paired it with a hinge blouse. The look was completed by neutral accessories. 

Katie and Wade ~ Pinkerton Photography
Still continuing with the Pure Barre trend, Katie is one of my PB clients. I ran into her one day while working at Nordstrom. She came with her fiancé to look for outfits for their engagements. She told me that she wanted neon colors to matched her color scheme. She came shopping at the right season. Neons were everywhere! The two colors we focused on were neon yellow, and pink. The yellow by far was our biggest obstacle. The yellows were too green, when we needed more yellow. When I brought her this French Connection dress, it was sheer perfection! The hints of neon yellow was the perfect look for her! We then topped off our shopping adventure with the perfect neon pink Ted Baker dress. A couple weeks later she emailed me saying that she was so thankful for my help, and that her pictures turned out perfect! Helping out customers like this makes my job so much fun, and rewarding!

Doug Amanda and Jack ~ Vienna Glenn Photography
While Doug is not a bride he is the husband to one of my favorite Pure Bare friends/co-worker Amanda. Amanda came to me saying that her family was getting pictures done to promote their company new company BabySwag (sister company PetSwag). Have you ever seen a more beautiful baby?! That HAIR! BabySwag is their new company inspired by 6 month old Jack. Their line is fun, quirky, and filled the cutest baby swag! Amanda came to me and wanted her and Doug to look fashionable, classic, and laid back. Doug and Amanda are the definition of "Power Couple." The amount of work, and creativity they put into their companies is amazing! 

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