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Friday, July 4, 2014

White & Blue

Romper: HM / Sunnies: BP / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Arm Candy: Nordstrom , J.CrewLily & Laura / Sandals: Sam EdelmanNails: Essies-Turquoise & Caicos / Lips: MAC-Crosswires

While discussing going to Hawaii I told Todd that I had a list of things we had to do:

1. Go to a luau.... 
2. Drink a pina colada.....
3. Eat authentic Hawaiian shaved ice....
4. Eat a sugar cane....

Surprisingly enough the whole list is comprised of food. Nom-nom-nom!

Back to the story....... on night 3 of our paradise vacation we went to my very first luau. In my mind the only way to wrap myself up in Hawaiian culture was to eat a pig that was cooked in the ground. We did just that! As we pulled up to our destination, the words on the sign read "Smith Gardens." Smith? How Hawaiian is that? 
As we walked in, we were greeted by the staff all dressed in banana leaves, and coconut shells. I'll let your mind create the visual. While walking through the line, the staff tried to convince us to take a $20 picture with them. Pshhh....too rich for my blood. 
 When we arrived at the dining hall, the Imu ceremony began. Imu = pig. Then our host, Mr. Smith, discussed the significance of the ceremony. Surprisingly Mr. Smith was full Hawaiian.
Go figure....
 Once the ceremony ended, it was FINALLY time to eat. The food was soooo tasty! Good thing I wore a romper with a drawstring waste. Seconds please! 
Once Todd and I plowed through the food, it was time for the show. The show consisted of traditional Hawaiian dancing. My favorite one of them all was this old man doing the Fire Knife dance! I haven't seen hips swing like that in years. Bravo.... or should I say hana hou.

Have yourself a fun and safe fourth of July!

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