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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: A Grapefruit a Day...

Plate: Pottery Barn / Sandals: Sam Edelman / Sunnies: Wildfox (J Petite Nordstrom Anniversary pick)

As the title of this post suggests, I absolutely love grapefruit.....or any fruit for that matter. With the large amounts of fruit I consume everyday, I'd swear I was a fruit bat in a previous life. 

This ruby red goddess not only has good looks, but is good for you. Talk about beauty and brains! This tart and tangy fruit is lofty in nutrition! Today lets gain a clean eating education and discuss five reasons why you should include this delicious fruit into your daily diet. 

1. Jumpstart Your Metabolism in the Morning
Eating a grapefruit for breakfast is a great way to boost your metabolism, which enhances your fat burning capabilities. Can a Dunkin Donut claim that?

2. Weight Loss
Grapefruit is naturally rich with vitamin C which can reduce insulin levels. Lower levels of insulin leads to less fat storage, and weight loss. 

3. Improve Skin Quality
Who doesn't want better skin right?! Let's go glam with grapefruit. It contains high concentrations of vitamin C and lycopene. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production and it reduces premature aging. You are probably asking yourself what is lycopene? Chemically speaking it is a part of the carotenoid family composed of carbon/hydrogen blahblahblah conjugated bonds in a trans form blahblahblahblah sterics blahaha isomerization blahablah...... You've got to remember I was a chem minor ;) In layman's terms, lycopene aids in counteracting the damage done to your skin through age and uv rays.

4. Disease Prevention
With this fruit being rich in vitamins and antioxidants it helps prevent heart disease, cancer, liver disease, and diabetes.

5. Aids in Digestions
We can all relate to the Thanksgiving scenario. There you are sitting around the table devouring the holiday bird followed by way too many slices of grandmas famous pumpkin pie. I am guilty of this crime. With so many different dishes, a stomach ache can occur.  Immediate regret sets in as indigestion increases, and you continually mutter "Why oh why did I eat that?" Here is your answer to prevent common indigestion... Grapefruit (thus the topic of discussion). The pulp and fiber contained within the fruit adds bulk to your bowels and helps regulate how many times you go to the bathroom. Grapefruit also improves the way digestive juices flow through the stomach, thus aiding digestion.

After reading some of these benefits I hope that you make the effort to include this fruit in your diet. Instead of "an apple a day keeps the dr. away," think..
"a grapefruit a day".....

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