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Monday, August 4, 2014


Romper: HM (last seen here and on SALE) / Blazer: Olivia Moon (last seen here on SALE!) / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Sunnies: Wild Fox / Bracelets: Baublebar + Nordstrom / Handbag: Halogen (similar) / Shoes: Aldo (similar here) / Lips: MAC: Crosswires

Last week Todd and I had a little scare with Django. If theres one thing Django does well it's mischief. He's the sneakiest little bugger I've ever met. I leave the room for one minute, and the next thing I know Django is in a bag of chocolate. "NOOOOOOOOOO." I felt myself moving in slow motion as I ran/dove to snatch the bag from his mouth. What was he doing? Trying to commit doggy suicide?! 
Not on my watch....
Todd immediately whips out his computer, and looks up "how to make a dog vomit." Who thinks to look up something like that?! In case if you ever need to make your dog vomit, let me save you a trip to google, and jot this down. You administer hydrogen peroxide to your fluffy friend, and the dose is 1 milliliter per pound. Next thing we know chunks were-a-flying. Whoo....what relief. 
The next day Django threw up again, twice in a row, but this time there was blood in the vomit. Trying to get ready for work, I was in a complete state of panic!! I told Todd he had two options: A) he could stay home with Django all day if he didn't want to pay the vet fee or B) take him to the vet. Once Todd took him to the vet they said Django was fine. Since he vomited so violently the day before, the blood came from the lining in his stomach. She assured Todd which was then relayed to me that with some medication he'd be perfectly ok. Such relief came over me was I knew my little partner in crime would be ok.

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