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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Workout Wednesday: #Bringbackthepack

Glasses: Ray-Ban / Top: Lululemon / Pants: Splits 59 (Will be available for online purchase in 2 weeks) / Leg Warmers: Pure Barre / Socks: Pure Barre / Bracelets: Lily and Laura / Nails: Essie-Turquoise and CaicosEQUIPMENT NEEDED: 2 TOWELS FOR EACH FOOT
Happy Wednesday everyone! While I did promise a Splits 59 post for this week I will actually be posting it next week due to my busy schedule ; / This week's workout is inspired by something that I actually did in a yoga-bootcamp-fusion class. Huh you say?! My thoughts exactly. 
I recently got a co worker of mine to join Pure Barre, and we have deepened our friendship over some LTB (lift.tone.burn...PB lingo). #friendssweattogether. It turns out that she is just as crazy as me when it comes to fitness. Finally I have met someone who can keep up with me physically during a workout, and is just as competitive. For the past couple weeks after a 5 am PB class we've been trying out different workout classes. Last week I signed us up for what I thought to be a yoga class to get our "zen-on", but turned out to be an aerobics class fused with downward dog. There was one move in class that I absolutely loved for core work, and it was this "Around the World" move. I am obsessed! I immediately added it to my ab workout regimen. Depending on the mood I am in I either do that move fast or slow.

You want to keep the upper body stable during the whole set, and refrain from pushing your hips up as you move through the legs. While building a six pack is the main focus, the upper body is being worked as well (especially the shoulders). 

Behind the scenes with my favorite co-star Mr. Django

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