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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Two Moves to Taper and Tighten the Tush

Top: Lululemon (recent) / Bottoms: Lululemon / Necklace: Studio / Socks: Pure Barre / Mat: Pure Barre / Bracelets: Laura and Lily / 
Here are some moves you can add to your workout routine to melt away your side hip/butt area. No need to wiggle your way into those skinny jeans after this workout ;)

In the first circuit you want to start by pressing your palms into the floor. Keep your knees curled tight to the chest (the closer the better). Hold your working-knee hovering in the air for the full set. Then press the floor away while extending your leg straight. Keep the leg turned out on the extension so that you target the side hip/tush region. Pull the knee back to the chest (keeping the knee hovering in the air) while lowering your upper-body. Do this 30x each side, and repeat 3x. An added bonus is that you are working the upper-body, thighs, and obliques. 

In the second circuit you start on all fours and rest on your supporting forearm. From there you lift the whole working-leg up. Come back to your starting position without letting the leg touch the floor. Try either a slow or fast tempo. Do this 30x each side, and repeat 30x. 

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