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Monday, December 15, 2014

DIY Festive Envelope Liners

This Christmas I decided to add a little more pizazz to my Christmas cards by adding in envelope liners, and a "Year in Review" card (free download here). While I don't consider myself a "Martha Stewart" crafter, I'll occasionally whip out the glitter and glue sticks. 

 1. Take an envelope that you will be using, and open it up. From there cut off the bottom and sides to reveal your template. Use the template to cut out your liners on whatever fun paper you want. The plaid paper is gift wrap, and the glitter is card stock. 
 2. On the bottom of the paper use your craft tape, and then put the liner in. Press down at the bottom of the envelop to secure the liner in. 
 3. Use a ruler to fold the paper over to make a crisp line. Once the fold is created, use the crafter tape to place along the edges. 
 4. Press the edge of the paper to the edge of the envelope to lock it in place. 
Plaid Paper: Target / Glitter Card Stock: Hobby Lobby / Envelopes: Hobby Lobby /  Crafter Tape: Hobby Lobby / Twine: Hobby Lobby / Cards: Shutterfly
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