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Monday, January 5, 2015

Couple Session: Travis and Alyson

Photographed and edited by me

Here is the last shoot that I did while I was in Utah. 
Last year Al (sister in law) and Trav got married, and it was a definite shock to me (in a good way). The year that they met, we had just moved to Arizona. So I wasn't around for their courting process. I knew that Alyson had been dating someone, but didn't know the details. Around the time they got engaged, we made a trip to Utah and met this fireman that had won Alyson's affection. Hands down he was the nicest guy ever!!! Hands down!

They got married last February in the Salt Lake City temple. It was a perfect day. It felt good to be in the temple. While watching their sealing, I reflected on my own wedding day. I was nervous, exhausted, excited, and barely remembered what was said during the ceremony.

Alyson looked amazing, and they both looked genuinely happy! They had their reception at "This is the Place" in Salt Lake City, and everything was perfect. Alyson wore a dress covered in lace, and looked so beautiful!!

It's so fun to watch this family grow! I love all these amazing people that are able to join me in this adventure we call life!

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