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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Valentine Boxes

If you can't already tell by now, I love to get in the festive spirit! While I don't consider myself at ALL to be a crafty gal, it has now become a tradition that I make cute little mailboxes for kids I know for Valentines Day. Before I moved to AZ the tradition used to be that I would go over to mama Nish's house for an afternoon to craft. Even though mama Nish isn't my biological mom, I still consider her to be my extended mother. She has taught me so much whether it's cooking, crafting, or the gospel. With us living a state away from one another, I keep up the tradition by crafting by myself imaging she was with me giving me inspiration. Make sure you check out her cute designs and shop on Instagram @thefairypincess.
What you will need:
 Take the 8x11 paper, and cut 4x11 slices. You then want to cut out a small tab on the side that will frame the flag.
 Tape one side on the bottom, and wrap the mailbox. Secure it on the bottom with more tape
To make things more personalized, I used glitter stickers for names. 
To make a bow, take multiple strands of ribbon and criss cross them (it works best if the ribbon is different widths, and widest on the bottom).Tie the center with another ribbon. 
 Once you tie the center, the bow will bunch up. Go through each ribbon, and press it out so the bow is flared on each end (works great if some ribbon has wire in it). I will also cut the strands shorter. 
Add additional details such as more die cutes or ribbon to the boxes to give them more flare. Wa-la you have your Valentine box! Super simple, but super cute!
Enjoy :)


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