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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Drop it Like it's Hot With a Pop Squat

Tank: Koral Active (another great one here) / Bra: Lululemon / Leggings: Beyond Yoga (ON SALE) / Shoes: Brooks Running

Hey y'all summer is around the corner, which means swim suit season is quickly approaching. You know what they say summer bodies are made in the winter! 

Who does't want to feel comfortable strutting their derriere by the pool this season?! I know I do! 
One of my favorite workouts to firm  my "Backside Betty" is to do pop squats. It not only works by lifting that booty, but taps into slenderizing the inner thighs as well. 

Grab a weight between 15-30 pound (I will usually do a 25 pounder), and step your legs out wide with the toes turned out. Starting from a standing position, bend the knees so your butt is in line with the knees. You then squeeze the butt to bring you back up to starting. Do this 20x, break for two minutes, ands repeat another 20x. If you are feeling extra ambitious do another 20x set :) 

Avoid leaning forward to not put pressure in the lower back, and keep the knees constantly pressed back to keep maximal work in the inner thigh. 

Even though this workout is so simple, it's soooo effective! Hit the gym today, and work on "dropping it like it's hot" with a pop squat :)

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