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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Booty Blast

Top: Gwenyth / Leggings: Splits 59 for Pure Barre / Socks: Pure Barre
Good Morning everyone! Today I am here to show one of my new favorite workout moves that will tone and firm the glutes. 

What you will need: Medicine ball and mat
What we are working: Primarily the glutes and hamstrings. Secondary: lower back. 

Do this move 20-30x for 2 sets. Please note that as you raise and lower the hips keep the upper back glued to the mat so you don't feel like you are siting on your neck. 

Enjoy 20% off your Gwenyth order by using the code "TheJPetite20" for the first 100 readers at checkout (more to come about this brand in a couple weeks) :)

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