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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Lower Abs Leg Circles

Top: Lululemon / Pants: Lululemon / Shoes: Brooks

Happy workout Wednesday everyone! Here is an extra dose of workout for your week. For me my lower abs are the hardest part of my abdominal wall to work. One day messing around I came up with this move (maybe it exists somewhere else in this world).

What you will need: mat.
What we are working: lower abs.

Lay down on a mat, and grab the edges pulling forward. Start with your legs up, and make a big circle in the air (Note: On the lowest point of the circle get as close as you can to the floor).
Do this 10x for each direction for 2 sets.

For lower back injuries try not to go as low to the floor, and focus keeping lower back glued to mat. 



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