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Friday, May 29, 2015

Hamptons with Willow & Clay

Photography: Mollie Costley
Shirt: J.Crew (ON SALE) / Skirt: Willow & Clay c/o (also here) / Hat: Target / Sunnies: Plastictail c/o / Cuff: Helen's Jewels c/o / Bag: Target / Sandals: Sam Edelman / Lips: NARS-Place Vendome
Pre AZ I could pretty much wear anything during the summer/spring months in UT whether it was jeans, light layers, and even long sleeved blouses. When I moved to Arizona 2 years ago I couldn't wear anything in my closet because of the heat. I would just stare at my closet, and struggle for hours on what to wear that wouldn't show my dinner plates (the struggle is real). I have now learned that in order to survive the summer months I need to make sure sleeves are short, no layers, and that the fabric needs to breath (MOST IMPORTANT). This skirt from Willow & Clay is going to be my go-to item this summer. It's not only cool and light weight, but the fabric breaths like a dream. Another item I got from Willow & Clay was this romper here, and it's by far my favorite romper this season

When I first saw this skirt online I thought it was cute, but fell head over heels for this pastel pretty once I got it in the mail!!! Being the hasty person I am, I immediately wore it the day I got it in! When Todd saw this outfit the first thing he said was my outfit was "hodgepodge." Hodgepodge? Todd then followed up by saying" You know the dress (guys always call a skirt a dress for some reason) is dressy, then the t shirt is casual, and the hat is for the pool. Total hodgepodge." I then turn to my friend in a confused look, and we both came to the conclusion that the outfit was very Hamptons. What you think, Hamptons or Hodgepodge? lol

Petite Review for Willow & Clay skirt: The waist is big, but because of the sash I can tie it so it fits. The length was perfect! I am going to get the waist taken in some time by my tailor, but the images show no alterations. 

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