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Monday, June 22, 2015


Photographer: Ashley Rae Photography
Swimsuit: Strange Bikinis c/o / Skirt: Alis Fashion Design c/o / Necklace: Alixandra Collections c/o / Bracelets: Alixandra Collections c/o / Ring: Alixandra Collections c/o / Flash Tattoos: Arden Deals c/o / Sandals: Sam Edelman
I can't even describe how at peace I felt when we came to Sedona. The lush greens contrasted against the red rocks almost felt whimsical, and sacred at the same time. It felt amazing to be able to escape the Phoenix desert, and come to a place that was pure beauty from every angle. How Sedona makes me long for my lush Utah mountains, and getting lost within the canyon's forest. 

A couple months ago Ashley came up with the idea to shoot in Yuma. I just love her creativity, and her being willing to anything just like me. After some time had passed I decided that we needed to make that dream become a reality. Well.....driving to Yuma wasn't quite realistic for us so we changed the location to be Sedona. 

I felt so honored to be able to work with local designer Lana Gerimovich from Alis Fashion Design, and a custom bikini company Strange Bikinis. I've worked as a stylist with Lana on previous projects, and loved that I was able to model her one of a kind skirt from her collection. She is such an amazing designer because she is part of the whole designing process from start to finish. Working with Strange Bikinis was icing on the cake. This gorgeous plum suit was meant for this shoot! From the design to the touch of the fabric you can tell that this custom bikini is high quality. I can already tell that the suits I got are going to be my summer staple. 

I am so proud of how this amazing shoot came together, and couldn't of done it without my amazing team.
Big thanks to all those who contributed to this shoot!
Swimwear: Strange Bikinis
Makeup: Azlynn Stone


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