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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kate Spade Mac Book Giveaway - Workout Wednesday: 20 Minutes Circuit Training - Arms

Top: Wildfox / Bra: Athleta c/o / Leggings: Athleta c/o / Shoes: Brooks Running

Recently I decided to mix up my workout, and started doing circuit training at the gym. Recently I tried doing the Kayla Beach Body workout, and it was a lot harder than I though it would be. Totally love it! After doing the first week of arms, I thought my arms would fall off the next day. Here's my own version of an arm circuit that will you will love. 

What we are working: Triceps, biceps, arms, back, shoulders. 

Equipment: Medicine ball and bench

1. Full body pushup 15x
2. Medicine ball squats (I like to use a ball between 10-12 pounds) 15x
3. Tricep push up. Make sure your hands are under the shoulders, and when you bend that elbow grazes the ribcage. Option to do a full body tricep pushup. 15x
4. Tricep dips. 20x 

Here is a couple notes: Each circuit is 5 minutes long, and consists of the 4 exercises above. Make sure you use a stopwatch to keep track of time, or even use your phone (that's what I do). If you complete the whole circuit under 5 minutes then start again at the first exercise. You want to go through the circuit as many times as you can under 5 minutes. Once five minutes is up, take a timed one minute break, and make sure you drink some water. Once the minute is up repeat the circuit again for 5 minutes. 

In total you want to go through each 5 minute circuit series 4x for a total of 20 minutes. Make sure you go all out when doing the circuit. More you go all out, the deeper the burn will be :)

Now for the best part of this post! Giveaway time!!!
I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you this fun and fab giveaway! As always, we appreciate all of you so much, that's why we regularly do giveaways to reward our precious readers and followers. One lucky reader will win this 13.3 silver Macbook Air worth $1,199 and a Kate Spade tote/baby bag that you can use as a carrier for your Macbook Air and carry it in style wherever you go. The total value of the prizes is $1,600. Open to international contestants but international winner will be responsible for shipping and custom fees.

Macbook Air + Kate Spade Handbag


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