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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wellness Wednesday: Beauty With a Real Body Feature

If you remember back a couple months ago I said there was a couple projects that I was excited to share with you???! 

Back in March I was a stylist for a collaborative shoot with one of my favorite photographers Bethany Garvey from bCaptured photography. We teamed up with designer Lana Gerimovich from Alis Fashion Designs to be apart of her "Beauty With a Real Body" campaign. Not only was I thrilled to be apart of this exciting opportunity, but also support the message behind it. 

I met up with Lana last week to discuss some projects coming up, and there is one thing she said that has stuck with me all week. I asked her what size is Lexi (our gorgeous model) since she is a plus size model. She responded by saying "I don't see size I just see that body." 

I love that! As women I feel as though we put so much pressure on ourselves to change our bodies to fit a molding that society has created for us. Back in high school there was so many girls in my class that I knew had some type of eating disorder. While I wasn't anorexic, I too fell under this type of pressure, and restricted my diet to lose weight. My friends and I had a joke where we said "skip dinner to wake up thinner." 

It wasn't until college where my views of my body changed. Being around so many different people at school made me realize that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. I mentally switched gears, and focused on being healthy and happy. I've learned to love the body God has blessed me with, and strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Check out the full article on the shoot here

Contributors to the shoot:

Designer | Lana Gerimovich, Alis Fashion Design
Photographer | Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography
Video Producer | Aleksandr Sasha Kuznetsov
Model | Lexi Placourakis
HMUA | Adrianna Brees
Stylist | Jessica Edmunds
Accessories | Alixandra Collections


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