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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Workout Wednesday: 20 Minute Circuit Training-Abs

Tank: Athleta (on SALE) c/o / Bra: Onzie / Leggings: Flexi Lexi c/o / Shoes: Brooks (on SALE) / Watch: Marathon 
Three weeks ago I did a circuit training for arms (last seen here), and now here's one for abs.  

What we are working: Abs

Equipment: mat, water

1. Curl ups 20x
2. Curl opposite elbow opposite knee 30x
3. Lower body curls 20x
4. Curl up 20x per side 
5. Alternate pulls of the knees 50x

Here is a couple notes: Each circuit is 5 minutes long, and consists of the 5 exercises above. Make sure you use a stopwatch to keep track of time, or even use your phone (that's what I do). If you complete the whole circuit under 5 minutes then start again at the first exercise. You want to go through the circuit as many times as you can under 5 minutes. Once five minutes is up, take a timed one minute break, and make sure you drink some water. Once the minute is up repeat the circuit again for 5 minutes. 

In total you want to go through each 5 minute circuit series 4x for a total of 20 minutesMake sure you go all out when doing the circuit. More you go all out, the deeper the burn will be :)

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