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Thursday, September 24, 2015

From Barre to Brunch

As if you haven't already had enough of my barre posts here's another ;) Yesterday my PB teacher friend from Utah contacted me, and asked if I could do a post where I incorporate barre wear into everyday wear (Since it was a last minute idea thats why this post is a wee bit late in the day). I totally feel her pain as a fellow PB  teacher. Everyday I am so busy running between teaching, meetings, and planning future projects all while I'm doing this is my leggings. When I know I have to run somewhere in the Phoenix valley after I teach I try to bring a few pieces to throw over my barre wear on the go. I look for pieces that won't wrinkle when I toss it in my car, boots, and a hat to cover my greasy hair. 

Hope this gives some help to all those hard core barre-istas out there.


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