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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Live. Love. Barre.

Photography:Ashley Rae Photography
Shayla's Tank: E & J Barre Boutique c/o / Jess's Tank: E & J Barre Boutique c/o / Jeans: BLANKNYC / Sunnies: Plastictail c/o / Sandals: Sam Edleman / Lips: Victoriasecret- Pinky

While I've said it over and over again to the point where it has been engraved in this blog, "I love Pure Barre." I love this workout so much, but I love teaching even more to say the least. 

For the Labor Day holiday I spent my morning at Pure Barre. Since I always want to improve my classes and client experience I decided to go observe my owners class in Scottsdale. As I was watching class I was in absolute awe in the strength these women have. Now when I say strength not only do I mean their physical endurance, but also their mental ability as well. Just when class is getting rough you see the clients focus in on themselves, and push through to the end. As a teacher I love the ability I have to help clients push through any mental block they may have, and remind them "you can do anything you put your mind to." 

One of my favorite parts about teaching is helping those clients with injuries (PB injury post here and here). I have had so many new clients that said they haven't worked out forever because they haven't found anything that wouldn't agitate their injury. With all the modifications we offer injured clients are always so grateful that they have found something that works for them. That to me is so gratifying. The ability to help people not only have a good experience, but find something that works for them and their body. 

While each teacher has their own style of how they run class I always strive to be motivating. When clients think that they need to be PB masters with perfect forms to get through class I try to remind them to"strive for progression not perfection." I love saying this to clients because it's tailored to each individual, and reminds them each day is an opportunity to work further toward your goals. 

Pure Barre to many isn't just a workout, but has become a place where you can leave your day at the door, and dedicate one hour to yourself. I love the supportive community Pure Barre creates between teachers and clients. In a nut shell, I love what I do :)

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