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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Makeup With Bryanna Casey

Photography: Genevieve Hansen

Need a last minute Halloween costume? This Roy Lichenstein popart makeup is fun, and will surely get you noticed at that Halloween party! Special thanks to Bry for working her magic on me once again!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gemini | Halloween Series

Skeletons: Jess and Shayla
Accessories: Alixandra Collections

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Friends Till The End | Halloween Series

Skeletons: Jess and Shayla
Florals: Ashley Boyer
Accessories: Alixandra Collections

I couldn't do Halloween week without something a little edgy and dark. Inspiration to do this shoot stemmed from me wanting to do something outside the box. I wanted to do something that showed depth and moodiness. I was so pleased how this whole shoot came together, and a big shout out to the team behind it all! Thank you all!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When Inspiration Comes to Life | Halloween Series

Photography: Sydney Ayelsworth
Stylist: Me
Makeup: Sophia Wilkes - Pucker Up Style
Antlers: Art of Wings

In honor of it being the week of Halloween I have a couple of fun posts for all of you. I was beyond thrilled to work with Sydney and Sophia again for round 2 of Halloween styled shoots. After doing last weeks "Day of the Dead" shoot I felt prompted to sneak in another Halloween shoot. I contacted the dream team, and everyone was ready to go along with my vision.

Two weeks ago I had a dream where I was lost in the desert, and I wondered aimlessly for hours on end. Just when I thought I would never find my way back home I was approached by a beautiful deer.   The deer approached me with no fear as though it knew me, and then nuzzled it's nose in my palm. I woke up from my dream inspired by this animal. 

When putting together the inspiration for this shoot I looked into the meanings of a deer as a spirit animal. What I found was that the deer represents gentleness, grace, sensitivity, innocence, and wisdom. I am so proud with how amazing this shoot turned out, and how I was able to tap into my inner deer. 

Thanks for all that contributed to this shoot!

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