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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When Inspiration Comes to Life | Halloween Series

Photography: Sydney Ayelsworth
Stylist: Me
Makeup: Sophia Wilkes - Pucker Up Style
Antlers: Art of Wings

In honor of it being the week of Halloween I have a couple of fun posts for all of you. I was beyond thrilled to work with Sydney and Sophia again for round 2 of Halloween styled shoots. After doing last weeks "Day of the Dead" shoot I felt prompted to sneak in another Halloween shoot. I contacted the dream team, and everyone was ready to go along with my vision.

Two weeks ago I had a dream where I was lost in the desert, and I wondered aimlessly for hours on end. Just when I thought I would never find my way back home I was approached by a beautiful deer.   The deer approached me with no fear as though it knew me, and then nuzzled it's nose in my palm. I woke up from my dream inspired by this animal. 

When putting together the inspiration for this shoot I looked into the meanings of a deer as a spirit animal. What I found was that the deer represents gentleness, grace, sensitivity, innocence, and wisdom. I am so proud with how amazing this shoot turned out, and how I was able to tap into my inner deer. 

Thanks for all that contributed to this shoot!

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