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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Director/ Model: Me
Photographer: Ashley Rae Photography
Styling / Set Design / Rentals: Lindsay Ekstrom - Fancy Lou Designs
Makeup / Model: Sophia Wilkes - Puckerup Style
Accessories: Alixandra Collections
Sophias Apparel: Alixandra Collections c/o 
Jess's Apparel: Top-Joie / Skirt-Shein c/o

My vision for this shoot started with the idea of hosting a Friendsgiving. Since we live far away from our families, our friends have become like family. I wanted to capture a formal outdoor entertainment experience, with a hint of whimsical romance, to give an intimate setting for holiday guests. 

Instead of going with the traditional fall color scheme of oranges and reds, I wanted to use dramatic pops of color to contrast with the greenery of the outdoor setting. The stylist Lindsay came up with a beautiful color theme of blush, deep pinks, golds, creams, brass, and amber. The table was filled with drama from the contrasting metallics, romance from the flickering flames of the candlesticks, and earthiness from the leafy garland. I think Ashley was able to capture the moodiness of the unique color scheme in Today's post. 

No Friendsgiving meal would be complete without amazing food. I reached out to vendors that could donate dishes that were both beautiful and delicious. 

First course:

Deviled eggs by Chelsea's Kitchen
Organic Pink Grapefruit Kale Salad by Flower Child

Second Course: 

Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Rosemary Rolls by La Grange Orange Grocery

Third Course:

Pumpkin Pie by La Grande Orange
Gluten Free Squash Meringue Pie by The Herb Box
Squash Pie with Coconut whip cream by True Foods Kitchen
Pumpkin Bundt Cake by Chestnut 

Thank you to all the vendors and creatives that were involved in this shoot!

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