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Monday, November 30, 2015

Stay in Shape This Holiday Season with a Pure Barre Giveaway {Closed}

Photography: Rachael Pearce Photography
Top: Pure Barre / Leggings: Splits 59 c/o
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Chances are you probably ate way too much, and are trying to avoid putting on the holiday weight. If you are like me the holidays can get quite crazy between holiday parties, traveling out of state to see family, and spending time with my loved ones leaving me with odd times to keep up with my fitness regimen. With traveling between Utah and Arizona for the holidays I need a way to keep stay active while the holiday craze is here. I was so excited the day I got these intensive Pure Barre dvds in the mail to use whenever I couldn't make it to the studio. 

One of the questions I get emailed the most is how are the dvds, and now I am beyond thrilled to give you an educated review. When my home studio in Draper first opened we had a grand opening party where I won a set of the very first dvds on the market. I tried working out to them a couple times, but wasn't in love. I was blown away with how these new dvds compared to my old ones. The first intensive dvd I tried was the abs one. I loved how during the first couple of minutes of the dvd is that they go over a couple of PB basics, and offer modifications during the whole workout. While I have a barre installed in my office, the dvd suggests using a sturdy support such as a wall making these perfect for everyone to use at home ( it actually makes some moves harder because you need to find your balance :) ). The dvds exclude two sections that we do in class that focus on the lower abdominals, but make up for that extra class time by adding more moves that include either arms, abs, seat, or thighs making the workout last 1 hour. Here is the top 5 reasons why I love these dvds

1. More advanced options to the workout
2. Good cues to explain the technique, and how you are suppose to be feeling it
3. Up beat background music
4. Workout can be done easily anywhere
5. You still burn tons of calories while toning your muscles

A day after doing my first dvd workout I was surprised to feel how sore my obliques were. With now having these dvds I have no excuse to let the holiday madness ruin my workout routine. 

When doing the DVDs go to a place in your house where you can't be disturbed so you can focus in on yourself and the workout. Currently I do my workout in my office where I have a barre in front of two big sliding mirrors ( if you can see yourself in a mirror while doing the DVDs it will help you with your form). Make sure you are near some type of sturdy support, and have the specific equipment available. The different DVDs calls for different things such as mat, weights, tube, and a ball for lower back support. 

I'm so excited to be teaming up with Pure Barre to giveaway the ultimate Pure Barre home workout including: Arms intensive dvd, thighs intensive dvd, abs intensive dvd, seat intensive dvd, double tube, ball, and 2 pairs of Pure Barre sticky socks. Contest will go until midnight 12/7, and winner will be announced 12/11. Good Luck!

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