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Monday, December 21, 2015

Evergreens and Holly Berries

Photography: Melinda Pike Photography
Crown: Hoot & Holler

Dress: Lulus / Bracelet: Cents of Style c/o / Booties: Lucky Brand (40% OFF NOW!!! You seriously need these!) / Scarf: Style Girl Boutique c/o / Lips: Colour Pop-Scrooge
I have been looking forward to this day because Todd, Django, and I are heading to Utah for Christmas. Last week was beyond busy in preparation for our leave due to work, shooting, cleaning, packing, and doing last minute Christmas shopping. 

Two weeks ago Todd, Ashley Rae, and I drove 2 hours to Flagstaff to do a bridal shoot in the snow. This whole plan was created by Ashley and I on Friday, and somehow we managed to get the dress, florals, and makeup team together to shoot in 2 days. Talk about being hustlers. When we got to Flagstaff it was absolutely gorgeous with all the white snow. I honestly felt like a modern day snow white with Todd being my prince. After shooting for 40 minutes I all of a sudden felt super nauseous, and felt so weak that my whole body migrated to the snowy ground (no i'm not pregnant). With ringing in my ears I couldn't find my strength. Luckily Todd was behind me to carry me to the car. I have never experienced such a bodily reaction in my life, and am not sure what triggered it. The cold? The elevation? Was I hungry?

I was super bummed that we weren't able to complete the shoot, and didn't want to disappoint my dear friend. This green dress was going to be our second look, but had to take a back seat due to my inability to shoot. 

I reached out to Melinda to shoot my vision who is a new fellow Midwestern wife. We tried to shoot mid week, and finally made it happen on Saturday. I was so happy to have shot with Melinda who is such a sweet soul. 

Next time we chat I'll be in Utah. Peace out AZ!

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