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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving in Utah

Photography: Jenna Wilkes
Jacket: Shein c/o (only $46!) / Shirt: Shein c/o (only $17!) / Necklace: Baublebar / Jeans: Rag and Bone / Boots / Bag: Alixandra Collections (get 10% off using code Jpetite10) / Lips: NARS-Dragon Girl
I can't even tell you how good it feels to be back from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah. While I love going back to Utah it's always a constant marathon whenever we are there between running to davis county for Todd's family, Salt Lake to see my dad, teach Pure Barre in Draper, and see my mom's side of the family in Sandy. Our trip started off driving to Utah last Tuesday, and we didn't get into Salt Lake until 8 pm. Wednesday morning I woke up early to go take class at Pure Barre draper to get a workout in, and see my friends that I haven't seen since August. Right after I got my L to the T to the B on I went straight back to Salt Lake to get my hair done. Todd picked me up right after my hair appointment where we drove to Sandy to see our new twin nephews that were born 2 weeks prior to our visit.'s a funny thing. I grew up essentially as an only child while Todd was the middle of 5, and  it's quite comical how I have become more comfortable with babies vs Todd. You would think a girl who grew up with no siblings would be the one with the stiff arms while holding a newborn, but I am the complete opposite. I love to snuggle into a sleeping newborn, and just melt when they cocoon in my arms. Todd on the other hand looks completely stiff while holding a baby, and I think he might even hold his breath. Looks like Todd needs some daddy boot camp.....but not for a long while ;)

Next stop..... davis county. Todd talked to his brother early on, and we all decided that we would go hang with his brother and wife. We spent the majority of our evening hanging out with my brother and sister in law until I passed out on their couch. 

Thursday-Thanksgiving! Usually Thanksgiving is a lot more chaotic, but we consolidated our dinners to 2 vs 3. We started off in davis county at Todd's parents around 1pm, and then headed to my sister's house in Sandy at 6 pm. 

Friday morning I taught a class in draper, and the rest of the day was smooth sailing. On Saturday afternoon we finally made our way back home to AZ where we were completely exhausted from our trip.

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