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Friday, January 22, 2016

Did She Just Say the B Word?!

Remember when I was talking about MD Skin Lounge back here? After I got my amazing facial I then headed to see my friend in the next room to get my first round of Botox. Did she just say that, and admit that?! Yes, I surely did. 

Now I didn't "need" Botox because I'm still in my mid twenties, but I was starting to develop a line between my brows that was starting to bother me. We are all our own worst critics, and this was something that I've been wanting to fix for over a year. The week before my appointment I was beyond giddy, and excited to get some injections. Throughout the studios I was telling clients, friends, and co workers about how I was getting Botox that week. I was beyond surprised to how many other women have had injections as well ranging from mid twenties to upper fifties telling my how much they have loved it. No wonder why they looked so good!

When the day finally came I was in absolute awe of how amazing the MD Skin Lounge office was. For those individuals who might not want others to know they are having work done, the office has multiple waiting rooms. Complementary Kaleidoscope juices was my favorite part of waiting. While sipping on my juice as I filled out paperwork I hear Todd admiring the artwork, and making verbal notes of how he wants his oral surgery office to look like this one day. Another great thing about MD Skin Lounge is that have a point system where each time you go into the office for a service, that service will be a certain amount of points. After accumulating enough points you can redeem them on treatments. 

After I got my soothing silk peel the office workers then took some before pictures of me to evaluate my facial symmetry. When the time came for the needle to hit my skin, I was scared that it would hurt. To my surprise there was little discomfort, and was over in a blink of an eye. When looking in the mirror I thought that everything would be filled in, but it actually takes a couple days to kick in. 

A couple days passed, and I felt it kick in all of a sudden (literally I felt it kick in). The feeling is hard to describe, but it felt heavy all of a sudden in my forehead (the feeling lasted a day). When looking at my skin in the mirror, I was escatic that the Botox filled in my line. I texted my PA friend right away, and told her that I was obsessed!  It has been three weeks since I've had my injections, and I am so happy that I did it!

Here's a summary of what I learned and experienced:

Did it hurt? 
Not at all. Everyone has a different pain threshold, so it could be different for someone else. My eyes did water a bit.

How often to you need to get it redone?
My friend told me that since I'm so active that my body might metabolize the Botox faster, and have to get it redone every three months. I'll keep you guys updated. 

Can you feel and move your face?
Ha ha yes I can. I don't try to move my face a ton because I don't want to encourage wrinkles for the future. 

Was there downtime?
Not really. My appointment was on a Saturday so I didn't have to be anywhere (plus I had a major cold). I did have a couple of bumps when I left, but that went away in a day. They told me not to wear makeup for a couple hours, and not do a sweaty workout.

Would you recommend Botox others to do it?
If there is something that you are uncomfortable with, and is safe for you then totally. The people at MD Skin Lounge are ah-mazing!

Do you feel weird getting cosmetic injections so young?
Not at all. Everyone's skin ages differently depending on habits and genetics. I'm all about maintence as I age. I want to be open with whatever I do so if you have any further questions please email me. :)

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