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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ivanka Trump Over The Knee Boot Petite Review

Top: J.Crew (on SALE!) / Leggings: BP / Jacket: Lookbook Store (on SALE for under $40!) / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Boots: Ivanka Trump also here too / Lips: NARS-Geraldine
I love love love following the latest trends, and wearing the latest through the streets of Arizona. Unfortunately I can't wear the majority of trends because the proportions aren't right for my petite stature. I so desperately wanted to jump on the OTK (over the knee) boot trend, but was so hesitant to buy any because they would be too long for me. A couple months ago I walk into Nordstrom, and tried on a pair of Steve Madden OTK. Knee high boots? More like crotch high boots! No exaggeration here. After my failed attempt at Nordstrom I just had it in my mind that OTK boots are not meant for petite ladies. During December I was looking through my instagram, and saw so many petite bloggers wearing the boots I desperately wanted. I started doing some research online, and found out that Ivanka Trump made an OTK boot that was perfect for petite women. Add that to the Christmas list.

When Christmas day came my dad got me these boots. What a good daddy! I tried them on right there under the Christmas tree, and they fit like a dream! I wear a size 6.5, and the shaft fit my leg perfectly. When walking the boots don't slide down, but when I stand up from sitting down I do have to pull them up. If you know of any OTK boots that are perfect for petites please let me know because I want to find a grey pair. 


  1. You look so hot in this outfit. Those sexy boots, sexy leggings, hot sweater.
    I would've used you as a fuckslave that day for dressing so sexy like that. Tie you up and hard-fuck you in that outfit until your cunt was sore, then force my cock into those gorgeous red lips of yours.
    I bet your soft, petite body would make a great fuckdoll, and in that tight outfit, I'd be using you as my rapetoy all day.

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