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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wellness Wednesday: Rejuvenate Your Skin at MD Skin Lounge

All weekend consisted of a non stop drippy nose with endless piles of tissues. Sickness struck Friday morning, and went full blast on Saturday at 2 am. Even though I felt miserable from my horrible cold, I was able to find some comfort when I went in for my appointment at MD Skin Lounge. One of my amazing Pure Barre clients is currently a PA at MD Skin Lounge, and when I approached her about some skin troubles I've been having she told me to come get treated. Even though I'm still young in my mid twenties I can feel age take it's tole on my skin. At this time in my life I'm starting to use products, and do things that reduce pre mature aging. To me, it's all about maintaining as you age.

One of the treatments I received during my visit was a silk peel. I've never have had one of these done before let alone known what one was. The esthetician explained the peel as a diamond assisted microdermabrasion that infuses specific serums into your face to improve skin function, tone, and texture. The diamond tip of the machine exfoliates the skin by removing dead and damaged skin from the face and neck. The esthetician then goes over your skin with a little suction tube that collects all the facial debris into a beaker. I took a look at the beaker, and couldn't believe all the debris and blackheads that were floating around from my face. 

  I told the esthetician that I used to get microdermabrasion, and that afterward I would be dry and breakout in acne. She told me that the treatment would be very hydrating to my skin, and that I shouldn't breakout. What is great about a silk peel is that it caters to different types of skin.

You are probably asking yourself does a silk peel hurt, safe, and effective? During my treatment there was absolutely no discomfort, and was a blissful relaxing experience. The peel is non evasive , and there is absolutely no downtime. The only downtown you have is that the esthetician told me not to wear makeup for a couple hours, and to not do a sweaty workout. Right after my treatment I couldn't believe how soft and even my skin felt. By the next day I noticed that my skin felt more bright, and haven't had a blemish flare up since. Basically I'm hooked to these peels now. Stay tuned for next week where I talk about another treatment I received. 

For all those Arizona residents make sure you stop by MD Skin Lounge this Friday for their grand opening party where they will be giving away amazing discounts and prizes for their treatments such as injections, facials, laser treatments, and much more.  

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