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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Workout Wednesday: Foam Rolling 101 - Rolling With My Foamies

Top: Daft Bird / Bra: Lululemon / Pants: K Deer / Socks: Pure Barre / Foam Roller: Here
Whether you are a gym rat or barre addict you would be crazy to not use a foam roller. Not familiar?! Well say hello to your new best friend. 

With training for my full marathon I've been taking even more time to stretch my muscles (stretch post last seen here), and use the foam roller for a good 15 minutes. Before I discovered this amazing tool my calves would throb for hours after a long run, and I would use compression socks to take away the throbbing stress on my muscle. Sometime I would lay down on the ground, and tell Todd to take a rolling pin to roll out the back of my legs. Kitchen gadgets.....not just for cooking ;)

Foam rollers are an amazing tool to do a self massage (myofascial release) on the muscles to release muscle tightness, trigger points, and increase blood circulation. Uhhh....sounds heavenly right? By using your own body weight on the roller you are able to break down soft tissue and scar tissue. Now for the forewarning:

Yes it hurts a little
Yes it works
Yes you will feel amazing afterwards

Whenever I use my foam roller I will literally shake, and breath deeply as I roll out specific muscle areas. Before I use my roller I find a quiet area in the gym or home, blast my James Bay Pandora radio, and use this time as meditation as I massage through each muscle group. In the pictures above I included some of my favorite muscle groups I like to massage: hamstrings, calves, quads, and butt. To use your foam roller you want to place the area of your body you want to massage, and use your body to move back and fourth. I like to go slow so that my muscle gets the direct pressure of my body weight. On areas that feel extremely tight and painful I hold that position on the roller until the area softens. One thing to keep in mind when you are foam rolling is to start at one end of the muscle, and work your way up and down again. Like anything you do make sure you listen to your body, and don't do anything that doesn't feel right when you are foam rolling. 


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