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Monday, February 1, 2016

Get Long Lean Thighs With Barre

It's no surprise that I love barre, and that it has become my main workout for the past 4 years. What I love about barre so much is that you are able to use your own body weight as resistance, which builds that long lean muscle. Recently I've been scouring the internet for some new barre moves that are outside of my training to give me some new variety to my home barre workouts. With summer right around the corner I've been turning up my workout a couple notches, and have been working hard to get bikini body ready. Here's a barre circuit that will get those thighs mini skirt ready for the summer ;)

Lately I've been going to Todd's school to use the barre at the campus's gym, but you don't need a barre to do these exercises. If you have a barre at home like me thats great, but if not find a chair or some other type of sturdy support. 

What we are working: Inner thigh, outer thigh, and quad

What you need: Steady support

Note: With this circuit start with the right side, and repeat for the left. 

Curtsy Lunge

While facing your support you want to be an arms distance away from the barre. Step your right leg on a diagonal behind your left, and come to the ball of your foot. With pulling off your support you want to bend your knees, and get your right knee hovering off the floor. Make big ranges of motion alternating from straightening your legs to bending them deep. Repeat moves for 2 minutes. 

Curtsy Lunge Leg Lift

Same set up at curtsy lunge, but you want to alternate tapping ball foot to floor, and pulling knee in to touch the elbow (added side waist band work). Try to keep your transitions fast so you can eliminate any pauses, and keep heart rate elevated. Note: Keep the ball of your right foot pressed into the floor, and heel lifted. Repeat moves for 2 minutes. 


Facing your support come arms distance away. Bring the ball of your right foot directly behind you, and bend the knees. Note: Make sure right knee is under right hip, and stay on the ball of the right foot. Make big ranges of motion by alternating bending, and straightening your legs. Repeat moves for 2 minutes.

Side Lunge Slides

This move is ideal for a floor that is more slick (no carpet). Facing your support you want to be arms distance away, and bring heels together toes apart. While still pulling of your support, slide right leg out wide to right side while dropping your gaze to floor, and rounding through back. Using your strength slide your right leg to first position, and body comes upright. Repeat moves for 2 minutes. 

Bra: Flexi Lexi c/o / Leggings: Alo Yoga (I get an xxs in this brand)
 After you have completed this circuit for the right, jump into working the left side without any pauses. Faster you can make your transitions, the more calories you are going to burn.

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