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Monday, February 15, 2016

"I Am Happy Now"

Photography: Jamee EdwardsDress: Alixandra Collections c/o (get 10% off using code Jpetite10) / Scarf: Alixandra Collections c/o / Hat: Cents of Style c/o / Bracelets: Alixandra Collections here and here c/o / Booties: Lucky Brand / Lips: YSL- Pink in Devotion

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. We celebrated the special day on Saturday where I was in charge of the day activity, and Todd was in charge of dinner time. For the day activity I decided to go with the notion "the couple that sweats together stays together." With that said I scheduled us to go to a Phoenix spin studio to do a party on a bike. I've taken a couple of classes before, and have become obsessed because taking class is like going to a club. They have the music bumping, and the lights a flashing for the whole 60 minutes. Since I had to teach early that morning I had Todd drive with me to work. I tried to convince him to take my class, but he wouldn't go for the double workout. After I taught we went straight to spin where the sweat was a dripping. Sexy, I know......

I am so driven by music in my life, and it fuels my fire like nothing else. While I was "hooting and screaming" during class I looked at Todd to see him holding on for dear life. What a good sport for pushing through. When we got home it was straight to the shower for us. Todd had some big fancy dinner planned for us, but I decided that we should stay at home and keep it intimate. Anytime Todd can save money makes him less anxious about living the student life. We were sitting on the couch when Todd said to me "Honey I want you to have the nice things in life, and one day will give that to you." I looked at my sweet husband and responded "I don't need the nice things in life my love, I am happy now." 

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