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Saturday, April 30, 2016

How To Wear A Denim Jacket 2 Ways


Friday, April 29, 2016

Office Reveal Part 2

Vanity: Todd made it for me - similar here, here, and here / Vanity Stool - Goodwill find $5 then added in geometric wood on sides and reupholstered / Rug: Overstock
Mirror: old (similar here)
Monogram Tray: Shelby Ann Gifts c/o
My Everyday Makeup: Laura Mercier Matt Radiance - Highlight (use it as a highlighter) / Nars Blush - Orgasm / Nars Bronzer - Laguna / Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder / Ole Henricksen Vitamin Plus Moisturizer (by far the best one I have found that is light enough to go under makeup. It also doesn't clog my pores, and make me break out) / Laura Mercier Foundation / Anastasia Beverly  Hills Contour Kit - Light to Medium / Buxom Mascara / Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper 
Hand: Hobby Lobby / Hand Mirror: Holly Tree Frames c/o / Ring: F21
Chair: Pieza Uno c/o
Boxes: Ikea DIY / Bags: Rebecca Minkoff , Target (SOLD OUT similar here) / Shoes: Sam Edelman
J Block: Home Goods / Gold Vase: Goodwill - DIY spray painted it gold / Wall Mirrors: Home Goods / Perfume: Viva La Juicy
Chevron Tray: Home Goods (similar herehere) / Bird Jewelry Tray: Home Goods (similar here and here) White Vase: Goodwill / Flowers: Amazon / Mason Jars: Oh Lola and Co c/o 
Polka Dot Tray: Home Goods / Pineapple Dish: Urban Teal c/o
Books: Here and here
Photography: Rachael Pearce Photography
Top: Brandy Melville / #jpetite Necklace: Alixandra Collections (get 10% off using code Jpetite10) c/o Jeans: Rag and Bone / Lips: Colourpop-The Rabbit
Thank you all for your sweet comments over social media about my office. I appreciate every sweet word you write, and it totally makes my day! 

The primary focus on this side of the office is my vanity. Right when Todd and I moved down to AZ, he made me this vanity with a working light mirror.

 (**Side Note: When I was moving furniture around in the office during construction, I found a message on the back of the vanity that I have never seen before. In paint it says "To: Jess From: Todd 2013." I love finding little love notes in the most unexpected ways.)

 I was so excited to finally have a place to do my makeup, but the bulbs were too expensive for the mirror. Basically the vanity just sat, and collected dust. Since I took off the window screens in the office there is so much natural light to do my makeup at my vanity. It was originally an off white color, and I decided to paint it the same color I did for the filing cabinet. Back to using my 120 grit.... 

I was going to use this ah-mazing chair provided by Piezo Uno as my vanity chair, but it looked so much better as an accent chair against the wall. Since the front of the chair is so pretty I wanted it exposed out to give some texture to the room with it's pattern. Seriously, this chair is gorgeous, and I am over the moon with it. 

I still needed a chair for my vanity, and I searched Goodwill for 2 months until I finally found the perfect one for $5! Post on the DIY here.

If you look at the before pictures in reveal part 1, you would of seen that my dresses were on a free standing garment rack. I bought the rack from Walmart for $20 because I had no room in my closet for my dresses, and was desperate for the room. When Molly and I were mapping out my room she suggested that we have a bar mounted in the wall. This made such a difference because it opened up the space under my dresses, making things feel less cluttered. I love that it has a shelf so that I am able to have boxes displayed giving that side of the room color, pattern, and texture. 

My office seriously turned out better than I thought it would, and it has become an area that I spend hours and hours a day in. Make sure you tune in Monday for a very special office giveaway :)

Big thanks who made this post possible!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mothers Day Gift Guide Under $50


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wellness Wednesday: What Is Whole 30?

Whole 30 book
It seems to be that the trendy thing to do these days is to do the Whole 30 program. For the past year I have seen people post all over social media their #whole30problems or "I can't because I'm on Whole 30." Naturally this intrigued me, and I finally decided to buy the book last week. I am all about improving my health whenever I can, and take on challenges whenever they are presented to me such as taking 20 Pure Barre classes in 30 days, juice cleanses, or giving up something unhealthy during lent. 

While laying poolside last weekend I read this whole book, and was so impressed by it's philosophy. As I was basking in the sun with my good read (wearing sunscreen of course. Please protect your skin) a girl sat next to me. She noticed what I was reading, and asked if I started the program yet? I told her that Todd and I were going to start on Monday, and she confided in me that she was half way through the program. Apparently everyone is doing this. I asked her how she felt, and if she would dream of food at night (the book says that by day 12-15 people dream of junk food)?  She laughed and confessed she did dream of food. She also said that one big difference she has noticed in her body is that she has way more energy, and doesn't have to take an afternoon nap. Hearing her testimonial made me even more excited to start Whole 30.

So you might be asking yourself "Is Whole 30 some type of weight loss diet?" The book describes this program primarily as a way to restart your body, and change the way you view food. It does describe weight loss as a feature, but does not stress weight loss as the primary goal. 

"Our premise is simple: certain food groups could be having a negative impact on your body composition, health, and quality of life without you even realizing it. Do you have aches and pains that can't be explained by overuse and injury? Are your energy levels inconsistent or nonexistent? Are you having a hard time losing weight no matter how hard you try? Do you have some sort of condition that medication hasn't helped with?"

"These symptoms may be directly related to the foods you eat - even the healthy stuff." So how do you know if (and how) these foods are affecting you?"

After these rhetorical questions are asked the book then states by going 30 days without certain foods your body is able to reset itself, and develop a healthier relationship with food. I consider myself to be a very healthy individual, and didn't think I would benefit from this program right away. The thing that convinced me fully to do the program is when they talked about "what's normal?" They used the analogy of being allergic to a tree that is outside of your house. If every day you wake up with symptoms from your allergy then that becomes your everyday norm. By removing yourself from the tree, you notice that you feel so much better. By removing certain foods from your diet, and then slowly reintroducing them after 30 days you are able to pin point if certain foods affect you. 
There's so much more into the benefits you will get from this program that I will talk more about in future posts. 

Now what you have been waiting for. What foods does the program eliminate? Before I read off the list I want to make note that the book doesn't describe these foods as being "unhealthy." Here's the list to what not to eat for 30 days: sugar, artificial sugar, artificial sweeteners, honey, agave, syrup, alcohol, grains, corn, legumes (you can eat green beans, snow peas, and sugar snap peas), dairy, cheese, butter (unless its clarified butter or ghee), msg, or aded sulfites. 

Over the next 30 days I'll be making a journal of my journey with Whole 30, and will be sharing it with you guys. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Office Reveal Part 1

I am beyond excited to share part 1 of my office reveal today! I've waited so long for a space to call mine, and I am beyond thrilled how it turned out. If you didn't catch my post from yesterday on all my DIYs I did, click here to read.

Before I decided to do construction on the office, it was originally for Todd to study in. Todd started studying at school for 2 years, and our office became essentially a storage shed. Never clean, and always messy. This room gets the most natural light in our apartment making it my favorite space. During the end of February Todd left to Cincinnati for a week to do an oral surgery externship. This was my shot to finally do what I wanted with the office. I had a full week ahead of me. With Todd gone I was able to have creative freedom, and was allowed to paint and demolish anything I wanted. Te he. I've never had a very good eye for interior design so I put out a Facebook post on a Midwestern Wives Facebook page asking if someone would be willing to help me. Luckily this amazing girl Molly responded, and she was seriously my saving grace. She gave me so many ideas on how to orient the room, and how to put the finishing details together. I honestly couldn't of done this room without her. I would be texting her throughout the week sending pictures, and saying "Hey Molly do we like this?"

From 6 am to midnight for 7 days I was working like crazy painting, sanding, hammering, and spray painting. In a week I got all the frames, bookcases, filing cabinet, desk, boxes, and vanity done. When Todd came back I put him to work, and had him hang up everything. From the end of February to last week I've been slowly putting the rest of the office together primarily because I was waiting for everything else to come in the mail.

The inspiration for this office came naturally because I love the color pink, and bold patterns. I added in the gold to keep things classy, and black/white patterns to keep things fun. My favorite part of my office is my gallery wall. A gallery wall was the center of my focus for the office so I could frame pictures from my favorite shoots.

Chair: Goodwill for $9 DIY / Pillow: She's Happy Design c/o
Lamp Shade: Light Reading c/o / Lamp Base: Hobby Lobby / Rug: Walmart / Gold Ampersand: Hobby Lobby / Polka Dot Box: Target / Pink Gold Box: Target / Black Gold Box: Ikea DIY / Filing Cabinet: DIY  / Desk: Ikea DIY
Gold Tray: Ross (similar here) / Black White Organizer: Hobby Lobby similar here / Get Stuff Notebook: Home Goods / Planner: The Day Designer / Frames: Goodwill DIY / Chanel Watercolor Print: Hello Mr Moon c/o / Antlers: Savannah Ashley Art c/o / Gold Pink Lipstick Print: Mad Kitty Media c/o / Girl Boss Canvas: ADE Prints c/o / Gold Floor Lamp: Old lamp that I spray painted gold / J Petite Illustration: B Joyful Illustrations c/o
LO-ve: Goodwill DIY / Frames: Goodwill DIY / Bloggers Gonna Blog: Shop Design Fixation c/o / Temple Watercolor: Periwinkle Inc c/o / Coco Chanel: Mad Kitty Media c/o
 Antler: Home Goods
Frame and Picture: My amazing friends from Pure Barre Draper gave this to me when I moved, and have treasured it since / Peonies: Prestige Flowers and Co c/o / lo-VE: Goodwill 
Bookcase: DIY post here / Gold Frames: Goodwill DIY - spray painted gold / Hunter Boot Print: History in High Heels c/o / Gold Vase: Goodwill DIY / Peonies: Hobby Lobby here and here / Ampersand: Hobby Lobby - spray painted it pink / Eiffel Tower: Amazon - spray painted it pink / Django Print: Chalk and Arrow c/o / Mirror Box: Home Goods / Geo Sphere: Hobby Lobby / Candle: Capri Blue (I have both scents and they are both equally amazing!) / Apothecary Jar: Amazon / White Vase: Goodwill / Organizer: Old DIY-Spray painted it gold
Curtain Rod: Ikea / Rod Ends: Ikea (spray painted pink) / Curtains: Amazon (under $50!) / Barre: Todd made me it, but similar here (there's sliding mirrors in front of the barre so I can do Pure Barre at home)
Vase: DIY here / Peony: Hobby Lobby
Flower Arrangement: Flaural c/o
Building My Empire Notebook: Trendy Sparrow c/o / Hello Gorgeous Notebook: Purple Trail c/o
Mug: Cup of Quotes c/o / Scissors: Dancing Fabrics c/o / Arrangement: Pink Chateau c/o
Oh La La Vinyl: Made by Tausha Weirlo c/o
Print: History in High Heels c/o / Media Organizer: Ikea
Photography: Rachael Pearce Photography
Top: Brandy Melville / #jpetite Necklace: Alixandra Collections (get 10% off using code Jpetite10) c/o Jeans: Rag and Bone / Lips: Colourpop-The Rabbit
Now it's finally time for the before pictures. Viewer discretion is advised. #hoardersparadise

Big thanks to all the contributors that made this post possible!


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