Monday, April 25, 2016

Office Makeover - Budget Friendly DIY Glam Projects Under $30

I am super excited to finally be sharing with you the office reveal this week with a very special giveaway! If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (thejpetite) you have probably seen peeks of my new space. This is by far the longest, and most detailed project I have done for J Petite. I am extremely proud of myself for building 90% of the room on my own, and sticking to a budget. 

I wish I could have gone to Restoration Hardware to pick out anything I wanted, but the reality of the situation is that Todd and I are real people on a real budget. I'm sure you can all relate that it seems discouraging when try to take your high dollar Pinterest inspiration, and apply it to real life when redesigning a room. 

 I was absolutely determined to make my office into my dream space, and wouldn't allow myself to get discouraged. I immediately started compiling all my ideas onto my Project Office Pinterest board, and tried to come up with crafty ways to utilize my budget. I initially set my budget to be $200, but after compiling all my receipts I spent around $320. Yes I did go over budget, but I think setting my goal to be $200 kept me on track to keeping costs low. 

I spent around a month and a half putting together my new space. The biggest thing that saved my budget was going to Goodwill. Now let me just say that me going to Goodwill is a new development. I've never been the type to just walk into a second hand store, and browse around the isles. It seemed so weird at first, but then I got really into the hunt. When I say "hunt" I mean that there were certain items I was hunting for; frames with mats, chair with a cushion, decorative items that I could spray paint, vases, and a stool. I was literally going to multiple Goodwills every other day. By reupholstering, sanding, and painting my Goodwill finds it saved me so much money. Here are some of my projects that I did for my office that were budget friendly.

Pink, Gold, White Office Chair - Wicker Chair Goodwill Find

I was beyond excited for this Goodwill find that cost me only $9.99. At first glance the chair looks dated, and something my grandma would have in her basement. Sorry g-ma. This was my first GW breakthrough where I was able to look beyond what stood in front of me, and saw amazing potential. 

Cost $28

  • Sandpaper - 120 grit
  • Paint Brush ( about 2 inch, and smaller one for details- depends on how much detail is in our project)
  • Painting Tape
  • Paint
  • Gold Spray Paint - I used Krylon Metallic Gold for everything in my office
  • Fabric (I used less than a yard - A fellow school wife reupholstered this for me)
  • Remove the cushion. 
  • Sand the chair lightly to create some scratches so the new paint can adhere. If the existing coat is a high gloss, you need to sand more.
  • Wipe down the chair with a damp cloth after sanding to get the debris off. 
  • I spray painted the wicker with the gold spray paint. 
  • I then tapped off the edges between the wicker, and the wood to prevent the white paint to drip onto the wicker. Once the wicker edges were tapped I used three coats of paint on the chair. 
  • Once the paint was completely dry I removed the tape, and touched up some final details. 
  • The cushion was reupholstered, and then screwed into the chair.

Kate Spade Box Gold, Pink, Black Boxes - Ikea Hack

To add splashes of pink and gold in the office, I found this great Ikea hack on Pinterest that I used! These have become great uses of storage for Todd's dental stuff that used to occupy the office.

Cost: $29

  • For the striped boxes, tape off horizontal lines. Spray paint box, and allow to try. Carefully remove tape to reveal metallic stripes. 
  • For the polka dot boxes, place circle stickers on the box.
  • Spray paint all box tops, and labels with gold spray paint
  • Allow to dry then place labels on boxes.

Glam Love Book Ends - Goodwill Find

I was super excited when I found these at the GW because I thought they would be absolutely perfect for my bookshelves (Ikea Bookshelf Hack here). I could have left them hot pink to match the office, but I was still on a gold spray paint kick. I AM SERIOUSLY ADDICTED TO GOLD SPRAY PAINT! Remember how I told you that if the existing paint is a high gloss then you have to sand more? I learned that lesson here. I first just roughed up the paint then went into spray painting. This was a big no-no because the gold paint couldn't adhere to the pink, and the paint would start to separate. 

Cost: $1.50

  • Sandpaper - 120 grit
  • Krylon Gold Spray Paint
  • Sand the items down, and then wipe with a damp cloth
  • Spray paint, and allow to dry. 

Gold Gallery Wall Frames - Goodwill Find

One of the focal points in my room is my gallery wall over my desk. Whether you know it or not, but frames are expensive, and add up quickly. I even looked into buying Ikea frames, and it would still cost me over $70. My budget wouldn't allow for that so I decided to get mine at the GW. When searching for second hand frames I looked for 3 things; less than a $1.50 each, wood, and had a mat (color didn't matter). I think mats look so classy in frames, but are expensive when you buy them individually. To keep my frames looking cohesive I painted all the mats with leftover white paint from the furniture. 

Cost for 13 frames - $15

  • White Paint
  • Krylon Gold Spray Paint
  • Brush Roller
  • Sandpaper - 120 Grit
  • Sand all the frames, and wipe down with damp cloth.
  • Spray paint frames.
  • Take the mats, and paint them with the white paint.
  • Allow to dry

Pink Peony Flower Arrangement in Gold Vase - Goodwill Find

Yes yes, it's another spray paint DIY. #addict. I love love the look of pink flowers in the office, but I can't keep anything alive. Faux flowers for the win! Pre made flower arrangements can cost you anywhere between $50-$200 easily. Hobby Lobby was apart of my normal stops everyday last month, and their flowers were always 50%! Cha-ching! I snagged an arrangement of pretty pink flowers for pretty cheap! I then stopped by the GW to pick up a vase for $1. That's what I call winning. 

Cost: $23

  • Clean vase then spray paint
  • Allow to dry then place arrangement inside

White and Gold Desk - Ikea Hack

This is seriously such an easy project, and gives instant glam to the desk

Cost: $25

  • Spray paint legs gold.
  • Let try then assemble via Ikea instructions. 

White and Gold Filing Cabinet 

We already had this filing cabinet, but it needed to painted to match the office. 

Cost: $0

  • White Paint
  • Krylon Gold Spray Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Roller Brush
  • Sandpaper - 120 frit
  • Remove all the hardware such as handles.
  • Sand the wood lightly, and then wipe off with a damp cloth. 
  • I used three coats of paint with a roller and paint brush.
  • While the wood was drying I spray painted the hardware.
  • Once the paint was dry I screwed in the hardware.

White and Pink Glam Vanity Stool - Piano Chair Goodwill Find

This was the last piece that was built for the office. I needed a stool for my vanity, but couldn't find anything at GW that would spark a fire in me. Two weeks ago I finally found this amazing piece for $5! It was the perfect dimensions I've been looking for, and this baby came home with me right away. Luckily I had some leftover fabric from my chair that I didn't need to go buy more matching fabric. 

I wanted to figure out a way to jazz up this stool up even more so it didn't look like a painted piano bench. I came across this idea on Pinterest, and immediately I became starry eyed. When reading the blogpost the project was supposed to be relatively cheap so I got to work. I bought a long board of wood for $5 at Home Depot, and I was ready to get started. Since Todd doesn't trust with me a saw he pretty much did all the work on this project :)

Cost: $10

  • Putty
  • Paint
  • Reupholstered Cushion
  • Sand paper - 120 grit
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Screw Driver
  • Read pin for the directions I followed here


  1. obsessed with the piano chair makeover. The whole thing is just lovely!

    1. Right?! I seriously can't even believe I made that even happen! Thank you Pinterest 😉

  2. woo hoo! you go girl! This is an incredible room make over and gives me hope! we're moving into our first (and forever) home soon and I have so many dreams.. but I also have a budget!

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