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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Office Reveal Part 1

I am beyond excited to share part 1 of my office reveal today! I've waited so long for a space to call mine, and I am beyond thrilled how it turned out. If you didn't catch my post from yesterday on all my DIYs I did, click here to read.

Before I decided to do construction on the office, it was originally for Todd to study in. Todd started studying at school for 2 years, and our office became essentially a storage shed. Never clean, and always messy. This room gets the most natural light in our apartment making it my favorite space. During the end of February Todd left to Cincinnati for a week to do an oral surgery externship. This was my shot to finally do what I wanted with the office. I had a full week ahead of me. With Todd gone I was able to have creative freedom, and was allowed to paint and demolish anything I wanted. Te he. I've never had a very good eye for interior design so I put out a Facebook post on a Midwestern Wives Facebook page asking if someone would be willing to help me. Luckily this amazing girl Molly responded, and she was seriously my saving grace. She gave me so many ideas on how to orient the room, and how to put the finishing details together. I honestly couldn't of done this room without her. I would be texting her throughout the week sending pictures, and saying "Hey Molly do we like this?"

From 6 am to midnight for 7 days I was working like crazy painting, sanding, hammering, and spray painting. In a week I got all the frames, bookcases, filing cabinet, desk, boxes, and vanity done. When Todd came back I put him to work, and had him hang up everything. From the end of February to last week I've been slowly putting the rest of the office together primarily because I was waiting for everything else to come in the mail.

The inspiration for this office came naturally because I love the color pink, and bold patterns. I added in the gold to keep things classy, and black/white patterns to keep things fun. My favorite part of my office is my gallery wall. A gallery wall was the center of my focus for the office so I could frame pictures from my favorite shoots.

Chair: Goodwill for $9 DIY / Pillow: She's Happy Design c/o
Lamp Shade: Light Reading c/o / Lamp Base: Hobby Lobby / Rug: Walmart / Gold Ampersand: Hobby Lobby / Polka Dot Box: Target / Pink Gold Box: Target / Black Gold Box: Ikea DIY / Filing Cabinet: DIY  / Desk: Ikea DIY
Gold Tray: Ross (similar here) / Black White Organizer: Hobby Lobby similar here / Get Stuff Notebook: Home Goods / Planner: The Day Designer / Frames: Goodwill DIY / Chanel Watercolor Print: Hello Mr Moon c/o / Antlers: Savannah Ashley Art c/o / Gold Pink Lipstick Print: Mad Kitty Media c/o / Girl Boss Canvas: ADE Prints c/o / Gold Floor Lamp: Old lamp that I spray painted gold / J Petite Illustration: B Joyful Illustrations c/o
LO-ve: Goodwill DIY / Frames: Goodwill DIY / Bloggers Gonna Blog: Shop Design Fixation c/o / Temple Watercolor: Periwinkle Inc c/o / Coco Chanel: Mad Kitty Media c/o
 Antler: Home Goods
Frame and Picture: My amazing friends from Pure Barre Draper gave this to me when I moved, and have treasured it since / Peonies: Prestige Flowers and Co c/o / lo-VE: Goodwill 
Bookcase: DIY post here / Gold Frames: Goodwill DIY - spray painted gold / Hunter Boot Print: History in High Heels c/o / Gold Vase: Goodwill DIY / Peonies: Hobby Lobby here and here / Ampersand: Hobby Lobby - spray painted it pink / Eiffel Tower: Amazon - spray painted it pink / Django Print: Chalk and Arrow c/o / Mirror Box: Home Goods / Geo Sphere: Hobby Lobby / Candle: Capri Blue (I have both scents and they are both equally amazing!) / Apothecary Jar: Amazon / White Vase: Goodwill / Organizer: Old DIY-Spray painted it gold
Curtain Rod: Ikea / Rod Ends: Ikea (spray painted pink) / Curtains: Amazon (under $50!) / Barre: Todd made me it, but similar here (there's sliding mirrors in front of the barre so I can do Pure Barre at home)
Vase: DIY here / Peony: Hobby Lobby
Flower Arrangement: Flaural c/o
Building My Empire Notebook: Trendy Sparrow c/o / Hello Gorgeous Notebook: Purple Trail c/o
Mug: Cup of Quotes c/o / Scissors: Dancing Fabrics c/o / Arrangement: Pink Chateau c/o
Oh La La Vinyl: Made by Tausha Weirlo c/o
Print: History in High Heels c/o / Media Organizer: Ikea
Photography: Rachael Pearce Photography
Top: Brandy Melville / #jpetite Necklace: Alixandra Collections (get 10% off using code Jpetite10) c/o Jeans: Rag and Bone / Lips: Colourpop-The Rabbit
Now it's finally time for the before pictures. Viewer discretion is advised. #hoardersparadise

Big thanks to all the contributors that made this post possible!


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