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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Workout Wednesday: Lunge Form Corrected

Sorry this post is a few hours late, but I was beyond tired last night from not sleeping the night before. Anyways, lets get to another "Workout Wednesday" post! I can't tell you how many times I've been in the gym, and have seen lunge done wrong. I sit there in my little bubble watching, and screaming in my head "please please don't hurt your knees!"Every exercise genre is different, but the one common thing they share is form. Practicing proper form not only helps you work deeper into the targeted muscle groups, but also prevents injury. 

As I have discussed in previous posts, lunge is a great exercise to target both the glutes and thighs. Lets dive into incorrect and correct forms of lunge. I used a barre in this demo so I can maintain my balance as Todd snapped some pics. 
Whether you be holding onto a barre, some type of support, or have weights in your hands you want to make sure your starting position is correct. In the first image my legs are way too far from one another. When I go to bend my front knee goes in front of my ankle. This is extremely problematic because you'll start to feel pain in the knee. To come back to first position you have to use more power of the front leg because the other leg is too far back to help power yourself back up. 
When looking at both the correct/incorrect starting images the noticeable difference is in the position of the back leg. In correct form the back leg is bent, and knee is align with the hip. When you go to bend there is a 90 degree angle with both knees preventing injury in the front knee. This then allows you to use both legs to push up into first position. To avoid pushing your frontal knee forward the key thing is this. Keep your weight shifted onto your back ball of your foot. By keeping your weight onto the ball of your foot it will prevent you from pushing you knee over your ankle. 

Happy Wednesday :)

Leggings: Kira Grace c/o / Leg Warmers: Pure Barre (old similar here) / Top: Beyond Yoga / Bra: Chaser c/o (similar here and here) / Watch: Polar


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