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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trust Within The Lord

The older and older I get the more I am presented with challenges and obstacles in my life, and I know that I am suppose to grow stronger from it. The past two weeks have certainly been an emotional roller coaster on deciding what to do about one of my passions in life. I prayed to my Heavenly Father to seek guidance, and that my heart and mind would be sound what ever the outcome may be. Instead of closing a chapter in my life, I was hoping that it would be the section that ended. I accepted responsibility for closing one door in Arizona, and stayed strong through the guidance of the Lord. While one door was closing I found comfort in knowing that other avenues in my life would continue to progress. 

I am a very invested individual, and I put my heart in soul into the things that make my life rich and full of passion. Recently I learned that thing that makes me excited to wake up in the morning is going to be coming to an end. I find myself shaking as I write this because it feels more real by putting my emotions into words. I trust that the Lord will lead me on the straight and narrow path, but I find myself having a difficult time understanding where to go from here. Lately I have felt immobile, and frozen in the same spot. I intend to fill my day with everything I need to do , but find myself sitting in my office, staring at the closet mirrors, becoming lost within my own mind on what to do. I shut down, and find it hard to tell myself that life will start to feel normal.

I love what I do, and the people that are apart of it. When reading through my messages today I was reminded of the love I have for these people that make up the community. The expression of a tearful smile came when I read "Stay strong, stay fierce."
It breaks my heart to let it go, and don't know what will be the thing to puts the pieces back together. All I can do now is keep my trust in the Lord that everything is going to be ok, and that this aching pain that fills my heart will soon go away.

What I Wore For Memorial Day

Top: HM / Skirt: Banana Republic (old similar here and here) / Bracelets: J.Crew (old similar here) + Cents of Style c/o / Shoes: Louise et Cie / Sunnies: Kate Spade / Earrings: Shopping Bag c/o Lips: NARS-Dragon Girl

 Hello friends. Sorry I've been kind of quiet lately, but there has been so many things that have happened recently that I'm trying to figure out. Anyways....
On Sunday I decided that I wanted to be festive, and wore this little number to church. I can't help myself.  I. Love. A. Theme! Memorial Day wasn't very eventful for me since Todd was stuck at school studying for his test. Only 2 more months then I finally get him back! While Todd was studying I occupied my time by doing an early morning shoot, working out, editing, swimming, studying for my ACE exam, and more editing. 

I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day!


Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Rose


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Touches of Teal


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Come Swimming With Me - What's in My Pool Bag

Bag: Wink c/o / Swimsuit: Strange Bikinis c/o / Towel Mat: Wink c/o / Hat: Lulu Luxe c/o / Sandals: Sam Edelman / Ole Henricksen Wipes / Neutrogena Face Sunscreen / Shirt: HM / Sunnies: Quay Australia / Bottle: S'well via Alixandra Collections c/o (get 10% off by using code Jpetite10)

I am so glad that Todd and I live in an apartment that has a pool! I honestly don't know how I would survive in Arizona if I didn't have a pool to relieve myself from the heat. 

I am the kind of person that needs everything with her wherever she goes. When big handbags became a woman's wardrobe staple totally saved my life! I have so many handbags, but never got around to buying a large beach bag for the pool that could carry everything I needed. I was so thrilled that when Wink sent me some products that they included this darling bag that I could fit EVERYTHING in!  

True Story: Before I got this bag Todd and I would use my large Lululemon retail bags to carry our pool stuff. Todd carrying the Lululemon retail bag is the closest I've gotten him to Lulu. 

Lets dive into whats in my bag.....


Up until I hit my 20s I did not use sunscreen at all. I am of hispanic origin so I tan pretty well, and hardly ever burn. Back in high school my friends and I were all addicted to tanning, and it was a competition who get the most tan (Cal you always won!). I honestly wish I could go back, and undo what was done. I don't have any skin problems today, but as I have gotten older I value protecting my skin. When Todd and I moved to Arizona I became even more OCD about protecting my skin. We just moved to a sunny state, and the last thing I want is to have my skin looking like a brown paper bag. No thank you! 

My skin on my face is pretty sensitive, and I easily breakout. I really like using this Neutrogena clear face sunscreen because it gives me the protection I need without clogging my pores. 

Face Wipes

Whenever I go to the pool with makeup on I will use my favorite face wipes from Ole Henricksen to wipe my makeup off before I apply sunscreen. When it's time to leave the pool I will usually use another wipe to remove my sunscreen because I don't love the feel of sunscreen on my face. These wipes are honestly amazing, and have been using them for years. They are gentle on the skin, but still have powerful cleansing component to them. Highly recommend. I use them every night before I go to bed. 


You've seen me wear these Quay Australia sunnies countless times in pics, but I'm just obsessed. They are at a killer price, and super cute! Who can lounge by the pool without cute sunnies? This girl certainly can't.....

Sun Hat

Going along with protecting my skin, I always wear a hat or put a towel over my face when I lay out. Protect your skin kids....


I love love love to catch up on my celebrity gossip with a good magazine when I'm laying poolside.

Swimsuit, Sandals, and Coverup

What's a day of swimming without a swimsuit? I love love this one I got from Strange Bikinis. I 100% of the time wear bikinis to the pool. I've tried doing one pieces, but my torso is just too long. These Sam Edelman sandals are my go to for summer. Since they are nude they go with anything! 


I love love love this s'well water bottle. I am always thirsty when I'm laying out, and hate when my water turns luke warm. I need cold crisp water ! This s'well water bottle is killer for the summer heat because it keeps your liquid cold for 24 hours. Yep you need it!


Umm cute is this beach mat towel. Nuff said ;) I think I was most excited about this towel mat that Wink sent me because the saying is so playful and fun. Wink seriously has the most playful pieces for summer!

This post was sponsored by Wink. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Monday, May 23, 2016

From Petite to Plus Size - Feeling Confident in Your Skin

Photography: Jamee Edwards
Swimsuit: Strange Bikinis c/o / Head Wrap (scarf): Alixandra Collections c/o (get 10% off using code Jpetite10) / Necklace: Alixandra Collections c/o / Earrings: Alixandra Collections c/o / Donut Float: Shop Wink c/o / Bracelets: Alixandra Collectons here, here, here c/o / Sunnies: Alixandra Collections c/o / Spray Tan: Katastic Tans

I'm sure we can all agree that when the dreaded swimsuit season comes around that it can be intimidating to loose the pool coverup, and dare to rock your swimsuit poolside. I think that we as women get in this mental funk that we need our bodies to be "Swimsuit Illustrated" ready in order to feel sexy in swimwear. Sexy is confidence, and confidence comes from being content in your own skin. Women are beautiful beings, and come in all shapes and sizes. 

I love to share companies and individuals on my blog that firmly believe in the beauty of "real" women. Ali the creator of the customized bikini line Strange Bikinis creates swimwear for all body types. On her blog it reads, 

" [Ali's] focus is on creating custom bikinis that flatter and compliment different figures without sacrificing style or comfort. Strange Bikinis believes in promoting self-love and is constantly sharing photos of Strangers in unique custom suits, removing the stigma that only perfect beach bodies can rock cute swim suits. No matter your age or body type, Strange Bikinis will make a suit custom as individual as you are. "

I have 5 suits currently from Strange Bikinis, and I love them all so much because they all work with my petite figure. I have a very different body than most because I am adult with child like features . I am currently 27, and I am short with no bust, no hips, small waist, athletic build, and look very young. Every time I put on my SB I honestly feel so sexy because the suit works with my features. 

This post wouldn't be complete without sharing this amazing women Lexi that promotes self love and  confidence of all body types. Last summer I had the pleasure of working with a gorgeous plus size model Lexi Placourakis. Meeting and getting to know Lexi was such a great experience. This women is absolutely stunning, and has a gorgeous full figure that looks sexy in swimwear. She is an amazing example of how women with real bodies can feel confident in their own skin. 

Thanks to the Saguaro hotel for allowing us to come shoot at their hotel.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Petite Review for Rachel Parcell's Pink Peonies Dress

Dress: Rachel Parcell / Necklace: Old (similar here) / Bracelet: J.Crew / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Sunnies: Quay Australia / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Lips: Anastasia Beverely Hills - Rio (YOU NEED. Seriously stays on all day!)

Happy Saturday everyone! I know I don't usually post on the weekends, but I was just in the mood to blog. Last week I was able to attend a baby shower in Utah for one my good friend/little sis Maddie. Remember her wedding?! Gorg! Post here. She is seriously the cutest pregnant girl I have ever seen, and I can't wait to be back in Utah at the end of June for her to deliver. I got this dress in from Rachel Parcell's new clothing line that I knew would be perfect for the shower. I ordered it a couple weeks before the shower since I wasn't familiar with the sizing of the line, and wanted to make sure that "if" alterations were needed they would be done in time. When I got the dress in the mail I immediately fell in love with the print! Killer job Rach! I ripped open my box, and tried it on immediately. When evaluating myself in the mirror the dress was huge on my body from the ribcage down. What surprisingly fit (this is usually the deal breaker if I return or not because it becomes super expensive to alter) was the upper body. I'm narrow in the shoulders, and the dress fit perfectly along my shoulders and chest. There was hope that I could take it in to get tailored. When I strutted into my tailor with the dress in hand my tailor Phil immediately gasps "No Edmunds, not another dress!" 
Phil you know you love me.... We have a loving sarcastic relationship lol. I'm more of the loving, and he's more of the sarcastic. 

I put on the dress, and Phil immediately starts pinning away. He took in about 6 inches around the waist, and 4 inches within the hips. Since I am shorter we took the skirt up about 2 inches. Dresses and skirts that hit me below the knee aren't the most flattering on my body type. While he continued pinning he was worried about the final fit since the dress doesn't stretch. I reassured him "Phil, you know you are the best in the west!"

When I came back a week later the dress fit like a dream! I was so happy that Phil once again worked his magic for me. Make sure you check out Rachel Parcell's line because it is absolutely gorgeous! Proud of you Rach! Way to follow your dreams babe! XOXO

Friday, May 20, 2016

Instagram Roundup

Dress: Shein c/o
Dress: Pink Lily Boutique c/o
Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam / Colourpop Lips / Hand Mirror: Holly Tree Frames c/o
Planner: Day Designer / Stickers: Paper Cut Co / Scissors: Dancing Fabrics c/o / Bloggers Gonna Blog Notebook: Trendy Sparrow c/o / Flowers: Pink Chateau c/o / Gold Tray / Mug: Cup of Quotes c/o
Tank: Ayayay c/o / Bra: Pink Lotus c/o / Bracelets: Laura and Lily / Leggings: Niyama Sol
Bikini: Strange Bikinis c/o 
Bag: Target / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Rug: Walmart
Dress: Shein c/o / Necklace: Baublebar
Cents of Style c/o / Berry Brand c/o / Beaded by W c/o
Dress: Rachel Parcell
Hat: Shop Lulu Luxe c/o / Shoes: Zee Alexis c/o / Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills- Rio
Book: Kate Spade / Folder: Home Goods 
Leggings: Pure Barre / Bra: Lululemon / Necklace: Alixandra Collections c/o (get 10% off using code Jpetite10)
Top: Alixandra Collectons / Jeans: Alixandra Collections / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Bag: Target / Bra: Nena Intimates c/o
Jeans: Rag and Bone c/o / Top: Shein c/o / Shoes: Seychelles / Hat: BP / Bracelets: Bauble bar


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