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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Workout Wednesday: Brand Feature Niyama Sol

Leggings: Niyama Sol c/o / Bra: Splits 59 c/o / Top: Alo Yoga / Bracelets: Laura and Lily
Warning: Prepare to become obsessed....
as if you didn't already when looking at the pics ;)
Let me introduce you to this amazing brand Niyama Sol. If you follow me on snapchat @thejpetite you have probably seen me wear these a lot. Like ALOT. I discovered this brand when I went to go take a Barre3 class, and the owner Karie was rocking these amazing leggings. Swoon. This company not only makes stylish leggings, but also stands for protecting our environment. Niyama Sol is an eco friendly yoga brand that uses recycled bottles to make their apparel. 

I've gotten lots of messages and questions about this brand through snapchat, texts, and emails. Here is a little Q & A so you can understand the fit and function of these leggings.

1. How do they run?
I usually wear a 2 in Lululemon, xs Beyond Yoga/ Splits 59, xxs Alo Yoga (they run large in my opinion), and I got these in an xs. The xs fit perfectly!

2. It's made from plastic. Do they breath?
That was my biggest question when I first got these leggings. I don't care how cute a legging is, but if it doesn't breath it's not for me. No swagina please! To my surprise these breathed like a dream. Passed the sweat test with flying colors, or should I say flying sweat?! Ba-dum ching ;) The fabric content is 16% spandex, and I think that allows the material to breath. Whatever the fabric content is, it wicks sweat and is fast drying.

3. Does the material stretch out during the day?
Nope! The leggings keep their shape, and form all day long. No saggy butt here..

4. Is the material thick or thin?
The material is a little thinner than most of my leggings, but still gives you that lock and loaded shape. Leggings...the spanx for the modern woman.

5. How's the waistband?
Perfection. The waist gives you that hugged in the "right places" feel. Love the high waist band!

6. Price point?
There leggings are between $72-$78.

If you have any more questions comment below :)


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