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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Workout Wednesday: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Workout Schedule While Traveling

While traveling during the summer months it can become difficult to maintain your workout schedule. I am a creature of habit so I have to keep my workouts consistent every time I travel. With being home for a month I have definitely become more creative in finding ways to workout without paying full membership fees. Here are some ways that you can maintain your workout regimen without spending top dollar. 

1. Week Trials

Lately I've become obsessed with doing hot yoga, and was doing it 4x a week for 3 weeks prior to me coming to Utah. I didn't want to stop doing yoga for a whole month so I looked into the pricing of studios in the valley. What I found out was that tons of studios offer 1-2 week trials for cheap, and sometimes free. Prior to going on a trip, try researching local studios around where you will be staying to see if they offer a cheap trial. Two studios that I have loved doing while being in Utah has been Salt Lake City Bikriam & Core Power Yoga

2. Hotel Gyms

If you are staying at a hotel during your travels they will most likely have a gym available for use. The use of the hotel gym is normally complimentary of your stay, and will be usually stocked with free weights and cardio machines. 

3. Living Social / Groupon

If you haven't already gotten on the Groupon bandwagon then, STOP READING THIS, and go get on NOW! Groupon and Living Social are such great resources to get killer deals on anything including fitness memberships. During the summer months the attendance for boutique workouts decrease due to people traveling, school being out, and people doing outdoor recreation. To increase summer attendance studios will usually do a Groupon/Living Social to increase attendance. You can find some amazing deals that are a fraction of what fitness studios normally charge.

4. Old Fashioned Outdoor Fun

Even though you might be a gym rat at home try getting outside for outdoor recreation. When I come to Utah I absolutely love going up in the mountains to run, hike, and hike. It's a double whammy. You get not only get physical activity, but get to enjoy the great outdoors. Make sure that you pack good shoes, and activewear before you leave home to vacation. Best part about outdoor fitness is that it's FREE!

5. Fitness DVDs

Since my traveling only consists of going to Utah and Arizona, I get all my Pure Barre I want since I teach when I come home. For those of you who aren't as fortunate to maintain a standing membership in different states try bringing some type of exercise DVD with you during your travels. Try investing in small equipment such a light weights, ball, or a tube that will fit easily in a suitcase. Great thing about DVDs is that if you aren't able to make it out to a studio that you can still workout in the comfort of your hotel. 

PS, you might of noticed the pop up when you first came to my page. I am going to start doing a weekly newsletter that will summarize all my blog posts, share items from my blog that went on sale, exclusive content, and exciting happenings that will be on my blog.


  1. I love your post !! Great idea.

    1. awe thank you Elodie!!! I'm glad you liked the post :)

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