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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Layers & Lipstick Linkup - Poofy Pony Tails & Hats

Photography: Jamee Edwards
Top: Target / Hat: Target / Necklace: Baublebar / Bag: Target / Skirt: Nordstrom (old similar herehere, here, here) / Lips: Urban Decay - Venom
Before I talk about today's linkup topic I just want to say THANK YOU for all your sweet comments about "Cirque du Fonce" yesterday through comments, texts, and social media. Did you know we got the shoot published by Lemonade and Lenses? Make sure you check it out ;)

Back to the blogpost.....

With fall being upon us, no chic outfit is complete without a stylish fall hat. Autumn is my favorite time of the year to dress because of all the scarves, hats, and ponchos that gives an outfit that extra "wow" factor. While I don't discriminate on headwear accessories I would have to say that the floppy hat is my favorite hat for fall. By adding a floppy hat to an outfit you immediately elevate your style without looking like you are "trying" to hard. 

One thing you need to know about floppy hats is making sure that it doesn't wear you. Since I have a smaller face and body I look for floppy hats that have a smaller brim so that my face isn't completely hidden by the hat. Just like a flowy blouse I need to fit the right "fit" so my body doesn't get lost. I also look for floppy hats where the brim doesn't fall flat to both sides of my ears, and then sticks out the front and back of my head (hope that makes sense).

Another great thing about hats is that whether you are having a bad hair day or don't have time to style it, just throw a hat on to look immediately chic. For those of you who know me I am all about washing my hair once a week, and hats are definitely my life savers on days where I have meetings between washes. 

Meet Our Cohost
When Lily from With Love Lily Rose sent me these images for the blogpost I wanted to cry because of how beautiful her hair is. Yes beautiful hair and puppies get a girl a little teary eyed. I absolutely love following Lily because she gives me petite inspiration for new pieces I can add to my wardrobe. Make sure you stop by this gorgeous girl's blog, and follow her for some style and beauty inspiration. Definitely check out her chunky pull through braid tutorial here.
Featured Bloggers of the Week
Chokers, chokers, chokers, how I love you so. Chichi from The Style Tune looks absolutely amazing in this velvet dress. Her simple choker was the perfect balance to this lux outfit / Nancy from Simply Nancy also goes for the minimalistic choker that she pairs with her darling sweater dress / @theintimatebrunette makes our list again for our favorite hashtag share for the week

Thank you for joining us at the Layers and Lipstick Link Up! We love sharing everything that is beauty and style, and want you to see how you rock the latest hair, makeup, and fashion trends by linking up with us. We absolutely love linkups as a way to connect and discover other amazing bloggers from all around the world. Each week bloggers may submit their posts on Tuesdays at midnight Arizona Mountain time to show their take on our beauty/fashion theme of the week. Each week we will pick our favorite bloggers who rocked our fashion/beauty trend the most, and feature them the following week.

We would love to see you linking up with us by sharing #layersandlipstick, and tagging @thejpetite @puckerupstyle on Instagram. We will feature our favorite Instagram accounts who feature our hashtag.

Next week our beauty theme will be "Nude Lips," and the fashion theme will be "Patterns"

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  1. Thanks for hosting! I am excited to join in this week :)

    Sarah Bell

  2. I do love the hats nowadays. But I think I did buy one that overwhelms me since I'm little too! It's a felt one--I wonder if I can trim it?
    I love your necklace---it's amazing!!

    1. That's happened to me to. We live and we learn ;)

  3. I thought it was a dress lol love the hat on both of you

    Life is just Rosie

  4. You're right about hats dwarfing a smaller frame! I even have to tweak my hats with insulation tape so they fit, hah! Your outfit is lovely. I love coming here for petite outfit inspiration! Thanks for hosting, babe!

    Glass of Glam

    1. What? Are you kidding me that's genius!! So tell more how you do this with the tape

  5. Wow, your dress is so pretty! The pop of pink lipstick is stunning.

    Thanks for hosting!

  6. I love this skirt, and the hat looks gorgeous on you! I wish I looked better in them!

    1. I'm sure you can pull it off. It's all about the confidence ;)

  7. Such a pretty boho look, the necklace def makes a big statement!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  8. I have never been much of a floppy hat kind of person, but perhaps I need to try! This whole look looks great on you!




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