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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Layers & Lipstick Linkup: Free Week

Photography: Ryann Lindsey
Makeup: Sophia Wilkes from Pucker Up Style

Skirt: Shein c/o/ Tank: Hinge (sold out similar here and here) / Boots: Jeffrey Campbell / Necklace: Alixandra Collections c/o here (get 10% off using code Jpetite10) / Bracelets: Alixandra Collections c/o  here, here, and here / Bag: Alixandra Collections c/o 
It is 2 am in the morning, and we finally made it to Utah!! Can I get an amen?!! Since I am an early riser we had the original plan to leave at 5:30 am, but once I woke up at 4 am I got consumed with blog emails, deadlines, and finishing up some edits for the families I shot the past week. To make a long story short we didn’t leave our house until 10:30 am, and then had to make a mandatory stop to Costco so Todd can get his $1.99 hotdog. Whenever we go on road trips together they take forever not because we need to take bathroom breaks, but more like food breaks for Todd. This kid seriously eats anything and everything in front of him. You would think that with such a LARGE appetite he would be a little “chunkster,” but he’s so lean. Men, they have the best metabolisms. #notfair. 

I am so happy to finally be back in Utah where it actually feels like winter, whereas in Arizona, people are still laying out by my complex’s pool. Whenever I get into town I pack my schedule with teaching at Pure Barre Draper, getting my hair done, and seeing friends and family. During our road trip I was talking with my dad about my schedule, and he responded by saying “Why do you always pack your schedule so tight when you come in town?” My personality thrives on constantly working/moving, and have a hard time doing just “nothing.” Personality plus or negative? Who knows…

You’ve herd me babble about the latest in Edmunds news, but I am so excited that this is “free week” where the sky is the limit. Lately my style has been schizophrenic, and constantly jumping between boho grunge and glamor chic. That’s the fun thing about personal style, there’s no right or wrong way. 

Meet Our Cohost
How freaking cute is Abby from The Classy Giraffe? She is actually the cousin to the sisters from Pucker Up Style. They recently worked on a fun holiday project that I wished I could of been apart of, but had to shoot a family the weekend of the photoshoot. Make sure you check out this darling blogger today!
Featured Bloggers of the Week
How beautiful does Pam's hair look from It's Pam Del? I wish I could get my hair as smooth as hers / We are obsessed with this amazing plaid poncho from Living on Cloud Nine. She is absolutely adorable, and we love it when she joins our linkup each week :)

Thank you for joining us at the Layers and Lipstick Link Up! We love sharing everything that is beauty and style, and want you to see how you rock the latest hair, makeup, and fashion trends by linking up with us. We absolutely love linkups as a way to connect and discover other amazing bloggers from all around the world. Each week bloggers may submit their posts on Tuesdays at midnight Arizona Mountain time to show their take on our beauty/fashion theme of the week. Each week we will pick our favorite bloggers who rocked our fashion/beauty trend the most, and feature them the following week.

We would love to see you linking up with us by sharing #layersandlipstick, and tagging @thejpetite @puckerupstyle on Instagram. We will feature our favorite Instagram accounts who feature our hashtag.

Next week our beauty theme will be "Berry Lips" and the fashion theme will be "Over the Knee Boots"

Would you like to cohost the Layers & Lipstick Link Up? Email us and let’s organize a date!



  1. You Beauties are the BEST!!! Thank you for featuring my plaid poncho!! You knock it outta the park every.single.time sweet Jessica!! LOVE that green, so fun and chic! You're gorgeous and a blessed Thanksgiving to you!!

    1. Thank you for linking with us. You always have the most darling outfits 😊

  2. beautiful photography. Love the color of your top!

  3. What a gorgeous skirt!!
    Road trips can be such fun (and sometimes not) but I'm glad you made it safe and sound!

  4. So glad you made it finally! Road trips to me are fun to stop along the way for food and to just get out and walk around sometimes! That's the part that makes the memories for me! I love this skirt and the whole boho vibe of this shoot!

    1. Ruth I wish I had the same enthusiasm as you but I just get so bored in a car. Too many wiggles I guess lol 😉

  5. I love this green pleated skirt, and these photos are gorgeous! Too funny, whenever we are on a road trip, my husband always has to stop for food, even if it's just an hour drive! Have a wonderful holiday.

    1. Why thank you ! Ya what's up with men constantly needing to eat ?

  6. Love your skirt and gorgeous photos!

    xx, Elise

  7. Love that green skirt! Loved your two earlier posts in the week too - Looks like I need to try out lipsense!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Sarah Bell



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