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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wellness Wednesday: Smile Bright with Smile Brilliant + Giveaway

This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All thoughts and opinions are my own 

When you first meet someone the thing you notice immediately is their smile. Every person's smile is unique, and a sparkling white smile is very memorable. 

Ever since I married Todd, the appearance and health of teeth have become a topic of discussion in the Edmunds household (#dentalwifeproblems). Tooth whitening has naturally been discussed on numerous occasions. Todd always discourages the use of whitening toothpaste, and is skeptical of laser whitening treatments. Toothpaste bad? Isn't that the nuts and bolts of good dental hygiene? Apparently, whitening toothpaste contains tiny abrasive particles. These particles scratch the surface of the teeth to remove the stains. All this scratching can damage your teeth by wearing the enamel away, which does not grow back. When it comes to laser whitening treatments, Todd says that lasers dehydrate your teeth. Dehydrated teeth will briefly appear to be white. However, once the teeth become rehydrated much of the original dark color will return. Laser treatments are also quite expensive. Bleaching treatments, however, can give you long lasting whiteness.

I was thrilled when Smile Brilliant approached me about using their product. I'm happy to say that it is a Dr. Edmunds approved product as well.

How Smile Brilliant Works

Since Todd has a dental background, I wanted him to be involved with making my bleach trays. Smile Brilliant makes you take your own impressions. Tooth impressions are pretty simple. However, if you don't get a good impression then your bleach trays won't work. My germaphobic husband insisted on using nitrile gloves, which are naturally laying around our house ;)

The kit includes 3 catalyst pastes, and 3 base pastes. You will mix one of each type to make a singe impression (1 catalyst & 1 base). The kit includes an extra set incase you mess up. Once you begin folding the two pastes together, they begin to harden quickly. So work fast!

Place the light blue mixture into the tray. Then press your teeth deeply into the impression material.

Allow the impression material to harden in your mouth for at least three minutes before you remove the tray.

Once we finished taking the impressions of my teeth, we placed them in the prepaid shipping parcel to be sent off to the lab. Within 4 business days I received the whitening trays in the mail. I loved how fast I received my trays in the mail whereas in a dental office it would take significantly longer.  Why Smile Brilliant over an office visit? Getting trays + gel from a dental office will cost you $200 for the trays, and $15 for each syringe. SB is significantly faster, and you get trays + tons of gel ranging between $129-$159. By going with SB you will save over $150!

My Experience

I've used whitening trays for years, especially since we used to get the bleach for a discounted price (when we lived in Salt Lake City). It's been 3 years, however, since I've used trays. I was thrilled when I got my hands on Smile Brilliant. For the first three weeks I wore my whitening trays to bed four nights per week. Don't over fill your trays with bleach because that can burn your gums! In the past I used bleach that was 15% carbide peroxide, but the ones from Smile Brilliant are 22%. I noticed that the higher percentage whitened my teeth more quickly. I was so happy with my results from the SB whitening system!

I love this product, now it's your turn to try it out! I'm excited to announce that Smile Brilliant will be teaming up with J. Petite for a give away. One lucky reader will win a FREE tooth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant! The contest begins Today and will end November 30th. I will announce the winner on December 5th. You'll have a chance to enter everyday by sharing the giveaway link on Facebook! All entries will be verified.

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