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Monday, January 16, 2017

The 2017 Day Designer Planner Review + Giveaway

Planner: Day Designer c/o
For those of you who know me really well know that this girl CAN-NOT live without her planner. I schedule every component of my life from when I wake up, workout, blog, edit, teach, and everything in between. The day I became super organized in my life was the day I stepped into college. With a heavy load of science each semester I needed to prioritize my daily life from when I attended class, studied one subject for an hour followed by a fifteen minute break, gym time, and set my daily reminders for due assignments/tests. I became OCD in college. Wait...OCD is a more simplified version of how seriously I took my schedule. 

Fast forward 3.5 years later, and I still am the scheduler I was in college. I live by my planner, and not all planners are created equal. For the past two years I've been using Day Designer, and it has been everything I needed. Besides its cute appearance, it contains everything I need to keep my life scheduled. If you are looking for a new planner to ring in the new year then keep on reading. 


The Day Designer planner is a daily planner meaning that each page is dedicated to one day minus saturday/sunday. This planner is great for that woman on the go that needs to schedule her life based upon the hour of the day. Each page contains a framework that can help set daily goals, and create plans that can be placed into action. Besides it's amazing functionality this planner is known for their cute cover designs that screams #officegoals. 


The planner pictured in this post is the Flagship Black Spotty Dot planner. It's dimensions are 9" wide, and 9.75" tall. The cover is hard bound which will prevent you from creasing your planner. This planner is definitely not something that can be thrown into a small purse since it's big and bulky. I actually prefer something bigger so I can contain everything in it from receipts to sticky notes. I usually keep it in my car on the passenger seat so it doesn't get destroyed in my purse. The best part about the appearance is the darling covers, and the gold accents. 


In the beginning of the planner it contains pages that are used as worksheets for goal settings to work toward for the year. There are 6 workout sheets: My Reality Check, My Core, My Heart Goals, My Plan- Turning Heart Goals into Intentions, Ideal Month, and an Ideal Week.

The reality check page is a great way to identify "how you spend your time and money." My core page is designed to help you set goals around characteristics you want to emphasize. The heart goals page allows you to move toward your passions while using your individual strengths and values. The next page is going to be turning heart goals into intentions which gives a good framework in executing an action plan. The ideal week and ideal month pages are great ways for you to sit down, and evaluate how you are going to get the most out of each day.


The layout of this planner is by far the number one reason why I continue to use this planner. Each day has it's own page, and is broken down in hours from 5 am- 9 pm. There is so much room to write down anything and everything that you'll never feel like you need "more" space. The daily page also contains a row and check boxes for your to do list...that to me is my must. Each page also contains your top three goals for the day, and four small check boxes for whats due, dinner, dollars, and don't forget. At the bottom of the page contains a place for notes, and a section for you to write what you are grateful for. On the page that contains the combined saturday/sunday has a section at the bottom that shows each day for the following week that helps you be prepared for what comes next. 

You have finally made it to the end of this review! I have told you why I love this planner, and here's your opportunity to try it out for yourself. I've teamed up with Day Designer to be giving away one lucky person a planner of their own. Click here to enter on Instagram, and the contest will close on Wednesday 1/18 at 6 pm Arizona Mountain time. The winner will be announced on Instagram Friday 1/20. Good Luck :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! I love my Day Designer planner too! It's the perfect amount of chic for the right price!

    1. Completely agree Virginia! Chic and functional 👌🏻

  2. I can't live without a planner either and this one looks perfect !!

    1. Oh if you haven't ever used this one then you are missing out 😊

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